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How do i find the perimeter and area of this figure?

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    The overall area of the rectangle if the rectangular cutout at the top were filled in is 12 * 26 in². The missing dimension is the bottom of the cutout, which is the horizontal overall dimension (26") minus the sum of the two top horizontal dimensions of 7" and 9", giving a dimension for the bottom of the cutout of 26" − (7" + 9") or 10". The area of the figure is therefore the area of the rectangle determined by the overall dimensions, minus the area of the cutout, or

    12*26 − 8*10 in²

    = 312 − 80 in²

    = 232 in²

    The perimeter then is merely adding the dimensions of all the sides. The single slashes on the outer two vertical sides mean that these have the same measure. The double slashes on the vertical sides of the cutout mean that these also have the same measure, but not necessarily the same as the first pair. The perimeter can then be calculated simply by summing the lengths of all the sides of the figure, all of which are now known. (I will leave the actual arithmetic to you.)

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