Simplifying Integers ti 89 gives the wrong Answers?

When trying to Simplify Using Expand I noticed sometimes the ti 89 gives me the wrong answer? Sometimes it adds the Square root instead of Subtracting them and Vis versa? Why does it do this is there any way to fix this problem? Why does it do that


1. (4/xy3)^-2

Why does it give me the answer of xy^6/16

Instead of x^2y^6/16?

2. x^3y^2/xy

Why Does it give me x^9y^6/xy^3

Instead of x^6y^3

3. 3(xy^-1)

Why Does it give me 3/xy

Instead of 3x/y

4. (4x^3) (3x^-1)^3/(4y^2)(6b^-1)

Why Does it Give me 162/y^3

Instead of 9/2y

5. (x^2y^2/xy)^2

Why does it give me x^4y^4/xy^2

Instead of m^2n^2

6. (-3/xy^3)^-3

Why Does it Give me -xy^9/27

Instead of - x^3y^9/27

7. (4x^3)(3x^-1)^3/(24y^3)(3y^-2)

Why Does it give me 27/2y^5

Instead of 3/2y

8. 3(3y)^2

Why does it Givce me 27y^2

Instead of 27y^6

9. (x&3y^3/xy)^2

Why does It give me x^6y^6/xy^2

Instead of x^4y^4

10. (3/xy^3)^-2

Why Does it Give me xy^6/9

Instead of X^2b^6/9

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    1. (4/xy3)^-2

    Your calculator interprets 4/xy^3 as (4/x)y^3 (which is the correct way to interpret it).

    The calculator is just following the order of operations.

    You need to put an extra set of parentheses around the denominator.

    Type it as (4/(xy^3))^-2

    That extra set of parentheses tells the calculator that that must be done first.

    There's nothing wrong with your calculator. You just have to put it in correctly.

    Also, if you have a fractional exponent, be sure to put the exponent in parentheses.

    x^(1/2) ...............correct.

    x^1/2 .............. incorrect

    The calculator will interpret x^1/2 as (x^1) / 2 which is the same thing as x/2.

    Again, nothing wrong with the calculator. This calculator is programmed to follow the order of operations.

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