Do you have ideas for a Clean, Christian Bachelor Party?

My husband is the best man and is clueless to what to do for his best friend. Needs to be clean (no strippers, no drinking)!


Yes, his best friend wants a party and he is a 33 yr old virgin.

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    Have an advice and blessing party. The friends get together at someones house and help him fill a book of marriage and child rearing advice - personal and scriptural advice. Things that could be covered are:

    To encourage them to pray together daily and share scripture.

    That he should respect and treasure her as his wife and hold her above all other women.

    Never stop dating - no matter what always make time for each other.

    Have all the men at the party write these down a a page from a 3x5 scrapbook and then when they have all contributed and placed the book together they all raise up a prayer of blessing for his future that he be a good,faithful and generous husband and a father his children can be proud of.

    Hope this helps!

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    Christian Bachelor Party Ideas

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    Clean Bachelor Party Ideas

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    Rafting Trip, Day on a Golf Course, Go Carts, whatever he's into! The days of trashy bachelor and bachelorette parties are slowly ending...people just don't see the need to be trashy anymore and usually it's their friends who encourage that kind of behavior anyway, not something that the person getting married even wants. So, do something fun together, that the groom will enjoy!

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    Do you have ideas for a Clean, Christian Bachelor Party?

    My husband is the best man and is clueless to what to do for his best friend. Needs to be clean (no strippers, no drinking)!

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    Someone I know got together with his buddies and went bowling. his single buddies made him a shirt that said groom- they crossed out the "gr"- and replaced it with a "d" and then added "ed" to the end (doomed). They bowled there a lot and the owner of the bowling alley gave them an old black ball- which they attached to a chain. They had a blast. There was no drinking and nothing inappropriate.

    They could get together and play video games (surely one of them has a WII). They could get together and watch guy movies- you know the action kind where they blow stuff up. those things are lots of fun, don't get them into trouble and are completely safe and no drinking is required.

    I am not sure what my fiance will do, but I am not worried- him and his friends have the same values so there is nothing to worry about.


    For you- have the girls over for a spa and movie night. You can go to walmart or somewhere and get facial masks and foot masks and that type- pop some popcorn watch sappy movies that would make the fiance's head explode and just do facials and soak your feet, it would be fun for you and all the girls.

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    The guys who planned my husband's bachelor party are anything but partiers and the one doesn't drink. They took him out to dinner and then went bowling. Is he a physical kind of guy? What about going to play laser tag or something like that?

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    First, I would find out if the groom even wants a bachelor party. If he does, then I would book a table at a nice restaurtant for his wedding party and some close friends and have a great meal and swap stories about the groom, growing up, what it's like to be married, etc. You don't have to have strippers and alcohol to have a good time.

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    I always say, ask the person it's being held for. I know somethings are meant to be a surprise, but it is important for him/her to have a good time doing something that they like. So just try dropping a few hints, or ask his bride, she could probably find out what his idea of a good bachelor party would be! Good luck

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    Camping, Fishing, Boating, Bowling, Golfing. Dinner at favorite restaurant. Attend a sporting event . . . football, hockey, baseball, basketball. Go to a movie. Go to a Christian concert, perhaps? Go to a Nascar race?

    What do these guys normally do together? Send them to do that, LOL.

    Edit: What? Thumbs down for my good clean suggestions! Ha! I still say send them all camping in the woods for the weekend. A little camping and fishing won't hurt them.

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    Dinner at a really cool restaurant (lots of fun atmosphere) then a comedy club. I love improv clubs that are clean - he can call ahead to ask about the nature of thier material. My husband went to a place called Fun Zone - laser tag, blacklight bowling, pool, etc.

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