How can I get the name of the bank that owns the foreclosed home?

I made an offer on a "short sale" foreclosed home on last thursday. They had it listed for 175000 and i offered 170000. I would like to know if they will consider my offer or if i should just offer them the full price that they asked so we can get the ball rolling faster. Also, how can I find out what bank owns this property. I do not want to keep calling my realtor,so i was wondering if their was a way that I could find out so I can get a hold of the bank and see if they have news for me.

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    In the end, I'd wait for your RE agent. Here's why:

    In theory, if it has been forelcosed on there should be a foreclosure deed recorded with the county (some places city) recorder of deeds. However, in many cases this is not recorded promptly or does it contain much information. The original mortgage will be recorded as well there. But, Mortgages are put into securities, so often a trust will hold title. The industry actually even has a master trust to hold mortgages (Called Mortgage Electronic Registration System ( because of how many transfers take place.

    In the end, the mortgage holder may be represented by a loan servicing company who filters the information. In the end, the holder of the mortgage doesn't want to deal with you because they have too many loans, now too many they have servicers and real estate agents to represent them. Who are under contract. WIth today's market it takes days to get answers and it would be worse if they negotiated each one directly.

    And, if its a true short sale where the home is yet to be fully foreclosed on, they have no legal basis to talk to you, only their borrower, about an short sale.

    In my experience 170k vs 175k isn't a big deal tto a mortgageholder. Hold out for an answer.good luck.

    Source(s): 25 years mortgage banking
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    I know it’s hard to wait, but banks take their sweet time, especially if it’s a larger bank. You have no idea how many levels of people your offer has to go through. It can take days or even a couple of weeks to get a yes/no. I bought a house from a small, local bank and it still took days for them to respond to us.

    Keep in mind that if you go out of your way to contact the bank, you’re going to look really eager to buy the house which lessens your negotiating power. Best to stand behind the shield of your agent.

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    your local newspaper would have printed the foreclosure notice. Call the papers, ask for legal publication department, and see if they will tell you.

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    look on your county gis or regester of deeds

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