College and Sports question?

I am a sophomore. I did swimming and tennis in my freshmen year and I wasn't really interested. I have two handicapped siblings at home which doesn't give me much time to do sports and homework is crazy. This is a reason why I don't think I'll be doing any sports this year or maybe even my other high school years. My plans, as of now, is to focus on becoming a Dentist. But a lot of people say that not only do you need good grades in high school for a good college, but you need sports. I am also in a couple of clubs in school all of which include doing community service and working for money for foundations. I don't know if I should just join a sport for college or will it not mean too much?

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  • lex
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    1 decade ago
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    you don't need sports

    after college you go to dental school/medical school anyway so college grades will be the important grades

    Good Luck

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