downloaded incredimail, it won't let me receive or send messages, I need your advise. Thank You?

it keeps telling me that there is an "authorization failure". I want so much to take advantage of the incredimail, but, been unable to. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Bye for now!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I advise you to uninstall Incredimail and not use it at all.

    It would likely be in your best interests to go to and download SpyBot Search & Destroy (it's free), install it, update it (make sure you get your updates from in the list. Yes, it says Europe, but they'll work), Immunize after updates and run a scan. If it finds any problems, check the boxes next to them and click fix, then scan again.

    Incredimail tends to be considered a source of- and is known to contain malware and spyware which can cause undesired things to occurr--such as unwanted advertisments, pop-ups, etc. It is also known that the malware contained within Incredimail can lead to future virus or trojan infections.

    Webmail is so much safer than using Incredimail. Others may disagree with me regarding my views of Incredimail, however most IT professionals (computer repair folks) would agree you'd be better off ditching Incredimail and sticking with Yahoo mail, hotmail, google mail, etc.

    The choice is yours. Hope this helps you out.

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