Windows XP and Vista?

I have a desktop running Windows XP and a Laptop with Vista. Ive been having some problems with my desktop (Viruses) and I was wondering is it's possible to copy Vista onto my desktop from my laptop. So, is it possible, if it is how do i do it, and is there any good step by step sites on it.

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    As I understand it you have two machines

    1. XP...desktop...virus infection

    2. Vista...laptop...clean and working fine

    You wish to copy, not transfer, your Vista OS from the laptop to the desktop.

    First things mentioned in another posting, it's illegal and when you go to activate the copy (mandatory before it will boot) the activation process detects that this is an unauthorized copy and deactivates the OS. No way arround that.

    It is possible to clean your XP system though, and here's how:

    We use F-Secure for all our clients and our internal contractors as well. The full suite will provide Antivirus protection, Firewall Security, Malware/Spyware protection, and more.

    Goto the first of the two links below and launch the online scanner at the F-Secure site. It's designed to scan and clean any malware (viruses and spyware alike) from your system using the web interface. Takes much longer than a locally installed program, but it works well.

    You can go to the second link below and download a trial version of the package to test on your machine before you purchase it outright. I believe it's a 30 or 45 day trial, sufficient to test and acquire the full package.

    **** Important **** Make sure you uninstall any other Antivirus software prior to installing F-Secure (or any other Antivirus suites for that matter).

    Also, the last time I checked, the retail version came with 3 licenced copies of the program in the same box. This can be purchased through your computer or office stores, or directly from them online. They've been around for as long as Norton (Symantec) and in our experience, provide a simpler interface with stronger tools than any other, by far.

    Michael McLaughlin @ IronOak IT, Calgary, AB

    Source(s): F-Secure Online Scanner: F-Secure ( Download Trial and/or Purchase)
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    You cannot have Vista running on both machines using the same Product Key. For one it's illegal, and for another you have to activate Windows and go through their authentication process which will kill illegal copies.

    You can always reload your desktop using your XP CD. The product key is typically on the side of the box. This will mean reinstalling all your software though. (I would highly recommend backing up your files to a USB device and reloading if your virus problems are THAT bad.)

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    I guess you got Vista pre-configured with your Laptop. If so there is no way to have a copy with you right?. You can't copy an OS from one system to another as you copy other files.Because OS rely heavily on the hardware it is running. For different hardware it would have installed corresponding drivers.For your Laptop every driver settings will be different than that requires for a PC.

    Because of there difficulties you cant copy an OS from your Laptop to PC.

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    best thing to do is dump windows all together and run a Linux operating system...

    Linux puts windows vista to shame. you get all the software you will ever need. for free.. all top notch programs.. Linux is similar to Mac OS/x but better you could have your computer running like a Mac system

    All Linux software is free, never pay for another program again

    it is easy to learn point and click. with auto install

    check out the links below

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    Don't do that. there are ways of copying your OS(operating system) on to a disc then putting it on another comp. but its complicated, not worth the efort and youll run into lots of problems. If you want to get rid of that viruse though use a viruse scan. AVG free works good (you can download it)and theres lots of other programs that can clean up your comp. if you keep having trouble post another ? and say what the viruse is doing.

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    Continue running XP, I have had nothing but problems with Vista since I bought my new computer.

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    if you have the vista cd just install it on your desktop and you are good to go

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    since you are having problems with Vista viruses, I wouldn't do that. Vista still has some bugs in it.

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