how can i send text 2cell from home cpu 2 cell 4 free?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To send from the PC (using your email app) to a cell phone without incurring charges on your end is fairly simple.

    1. Goto the Cellular provider's site to find out the domain name reserved for email to txt messages.

    2. address and email to the recipient with an address that is composed of the following:

    <cellular #>@<domain name>

    Note: the cellular number must have the area code, but do not prefix it with a 1

    Here's an example based on the cellular provider Rogers (Canada).

    Cellular number is: (403) 555-1212

    Domain name:

    (as shown on website at <==see line 1 in the instructions)

    Email address:

    Remember, though, it's free for you, but the recipient still gets any 'applicable' text messaging charges.

    Michael McLaughlin @ IronOak IT, Calgary, AB

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    1 decade ago

    Sending it from your pc is free but it depends on the cell phone plan that you are sending it to, if they have free incoming text messaging it doesn't matter where the text is coming from it would be free, if the plan is per text message then it would be billable

  • 1 decade ago

    just like duce said. cpu is free but if your cell phone carrier charges for text (which everyone do not unless included in the plan) they will charge for text on your cell in or out going. good luck

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