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Ideas For Vegan School Lunches?

Hi everyone,at my school EVERYTHING there either has meat or dairy products,so I think I will be taking lunch to school but I am not sure what to take.Any ideas?Thanks everyone.

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    Pasta salad.....

    or try going to

    they have a free vegan kit you can order and thell send you ideas and free food for people who cant to be vegans...

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    That you would be able to purchase vegan yogurt, muffins and jellies in person pots. That you could buy fruit stick which can be personally wrapped, or packets of dried fruit forms. You might are trying buying small containers ( with screw top lids) and filling them with nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fresh fruit in own juice or some thing else that takes your fancy. You could make your own burgers on the weekend which freeze best then take one out to defrost the night time before? Have this with salad, baked tattie or in a bun? Subsequent time you may have some spare time particularly stop and appear at the whole thing in the grocery store, take notes . You dont say the place you might be however that you could purchase soya slices in close to any flavour from the redwood enterprise..Hope you to find anything suitable.

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    Do you live in a town that has a Whole Foods store or an organic foods store? Most whole foods or organic foods stores will have vegan sections that carry things like Tofu Salad made with vegan mayo, or they'll sell products like Amy's. Not all of Amy's is vegan, but they have a selection of vegan frozen foods that are perfect for a lunch.

    As for snacks there is always fruits (dried and fresh), nuts or trail mixes, fresh veggies like carrots, broccoli, peppers and don't forget grains! Cereal is a great snack - like Honey Nut Cheerios.

    If you don't have a Whole Foods or an Organic foods store in your area, I'd look around your local grocery store and see what you can find. You'd be surprised at some of the things that don't have animal products in them - like most things pork (ex. Pork Stove Top Stuffing) because of it needing to be kosher.

    It's a process, but if you take your time you'll be able to have filling and delicious lunches every day.

    Good luck!

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    copy pasted my answer from a previous question similar to yours

    My kids are not veggers but the principle should be the same. Kids school lunches (and all meals for that matter) need not be elaborate or fancy. They just should be nutritious and delicious. I also am assuming dairy and eggs are okay


    peanut butter (the most popular)

    fried green tomatoes

    cheese with veggies (lettucebeing the most convenient)


    pizza/bread topped with cheese and veggies (tomatoes, egg plants, mushrooms, whatever she likes

    egg salad sandwich with or without cheese

    soups ( all using vegetable broth of course)

    pea soup

    lentil soup

    rice and bean soup

    vegtable noodle

    tomato soup

    cream soups

    you can serve the soup with or without bread /croutons


    bean salad

    green salad with dressing

    home made fruit salad with nuts

    egg and potato sald

    couscous with curried veggies

    pasta salad

    white or brown rice topped with:

    curried veggies

    sauteed veggies

    scrambled eggs with mushrooms (and other veggies)

    vegetable stew (regular meat stew without the meat)




    commercial fruit cups (if acceptable)

    always include some snacks such as fresh and dreid fruit and nuts.

    thre are others of course but this would be typical of what my kids have (except theirs contain meat)

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    It is important te the child does not feel "left out" or different. That she has a good meal without getting hungry and having cravings for what the other kids have. And be prepared to answer questions especially about the teasing she might get.

    Source(s): Of course omit non vegan "friendly" stuff like eggs and dairy and replace with something suitable..
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    Vegan sandwiches-

    - soy, seitan or quorn based fake meats

    - nut butter and jelly

    - roasted veggies

    - various veg and hummus

    - olive tapenade and veg

    Cold pasta or chickpea salad - just a spoonful of your favourite salad dressing (or a dab of lemon juice, olive oil, and italian spices like oregano/basil/garlic), cooked pasta or chickpeas, chopped veggies, stir, and pack in a container.

    Cold falafels

    Edamame (cooked soybeans) sprinkled with salt, and some sides like carrot or other veggie sticks with dip, crackers, or cookies

    Though I'm not a vegan, this is the most FANTASTIC site for inspiring ideas... sooo yummy:

    The blogger for that site also posts recipes here:

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    pack nuts and any of the following * Applesauce

    * Corn chips

    * Corn nuts

    * Dried fruit

    * Fresh fruit

    * Granola bars

    * Hummus and pita bread or tortilla chips

    * Mixed nuts

    * Nuts

    * Popcorn

    * Potato chips - Plain, salted, non-dairy varieties. Some companies may add chicken fat, such as Baked! Lay's KC Masterpiece BBQ Flavor Potato Crisps , so as always read the labels.

    * Pretzels

    * Pumpkin seeds

    * Sunflower seeds

    * Tortilla chips

    * Trail mix

    * Vegan baked goods

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    Well I would have a cheese mayo lettuce and cucumber sandwich, a candy bar, some chips like cheese puffs or diritos, a strawberry yoghurt a piece of cheese cake, an orange & any non meat product its simple.

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    The frozen peanut butter and jelly smuckers uncrustables are vegan-they had them at my school, otherwise you could make your own sandwiches to bring, I also packed things like cereal, granola bars, and fruit. If you have a thermos, I for sure recommend using it! I used to bring soy milk and all sorts of juice in it.

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    Bean burritos, pb&j, bananas, apple slices, soy pudding cups, green salad, rice or quinoa with soy sauce, etc.

    There is a vegan lunchbox blog link below:

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    Jen D,

    I'm not vegan, I am vegetarian, but I just wanted to say there is usually buttermilk in ranch dressing.

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