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Meeting the Parents?

If you lived at home for the time being would you be picky about the girls who came round because they'd meet your family? even with friends? or would you not mind either way

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    Actually, I would be picky about anyone who came around me if I lived at home or not. Choosing wrong friends and especially the ones coming to your house (whether yours or your parents') is a dreadful thing.

    At this very minuet think not only about this present time but your future as well.

    Many persons have been used, abused and betrayed by the wrong people in their lives. Family you cannot choose but you can choose your friends; choose very carefully.

    I am 48 years old and I have learned that being around the wrong people at my age has caused me to have less money; more troubles and hurts as well as being where I would like to be in the work force.

    No, I am not a failure but I wish many days that I would have picked better friends or conducted myself differently in my young life. My friends did not smoke weed; take drugs and of course sex was in as it always have been. It was the sex that changed my life and put me in some ruts for adulthood (unwanted pregnancy; STD).

    So, begin today and weed your friends out anyway; even if they don't come to your home. Also, remember everybody doesn't need to come to your house because everybody is not coming for a good thing. I have had guys that have come over my house looking for me to have sex in my parents home. Being so naive, I did but as I look back that was stupid and disrespectful and that follows me all the time. Sometimes I get to the point I want to vomit when I think of these dorks and dogs. Are they my friends today?

    Respect your parents' home and when you move out, continue to respect you.

    Get the picture.

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    Yes, I would be picky, I wouldn't feel comfortable bc my family would judge them. I would be extremely picky about how they dress, behave, etc...

    Source(s): coming from a conservative family.
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