How can I earn money on the internet?

I don't want to spend anything, and I can't give out bank details.

I'm 15 years old and I DO have a Paypal account.

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    i personally ear through blogging. i blog on some topics, and show relevant ads on my blog from google, bidvertiser, ppp, etc.

    blogging provides good income.

    also, i earn from ptcs and some offer sites (only those which are free and trusted to pay). these don't produce very good incme, but still, the effort to be given is small and requires very little time.

    there might be other options which might require you to pay initially, but i don't use them cause you can never be sure if they are scams or not.

    now, if you dont want to work hard and need some easy money, you may want to join ptcs. the best are buxto and dailyclicks. and if u are from usa and canada, offer sites will be great for you. the best are cashcrate, inbox dollars and treasure trooper.

    if u want to join, here are the links:





    Treasure trooper

    Inbox Dollars

    please note that these links will make you signed up as my partner, and will give me a commission for referring you. hope you dont mind with that.

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    Create a website with a topic, lets say "football". A website all about football and apply for Google adsense and create traffic to your website. Create mailing list or free help for football newbies for example and paste your paypal link. Just have fun and enjoy. mine is- ridgid82 google pages com

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    Be careful and watch out for scams! By asking a question like this you may be inviting people with all kinds of scams to contact you with ideas that make them money not you! Take care!

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  • Lancez
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    1 decade ago

    You can do some online typing job to earn money

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    Sign up in these 2 websites for free.. u can really earn at least $200/ month.. u can easily receive the money from anywhere in this world

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    There are lot many ways .

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