Does a local animal shelter have to tell you their policy on destroying animals?

I just read on the PETA website that many do not use euthanasia, the only method that is truly humane. Does anyone have experience with this, or know how you can go about getting it changed if they use the other horrific methods?


thanks for the quick responses ... i don't believe everything PETA says, but thought i should find out about my shelters, since there are so many stray cats around my home, and there was one that had kittens in my shed last year

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    Your local animal shelter shouldn't have any problem at all disclosing their kill method..

    Most states do require euthanasia by injection, but, some still allow heartstick methods and gassing.

    A lot of the time they use gassing or heartstick because that is the procedure already in place and local government would have to change the procedure and get people certified in other methods.

    Lethal injection is now mostly affordable once the additional cost of getting employees certified.

    I would say the best way to get it changed is to make people in the media aware of it and then if money is the issue, fundraising for the appropriate employee training and equipment.

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    Well, first off, Peta kills more animal than any humane society ever will.

    go to

    Second, their are only certain methods that the shelter can use for euthanasia. Euthanasia refers to the act of killing an animal. Its not just limited to the shot. Yes some shelters use, CO2, and even chloroform. But they usually only use these methods on wildlife and very young, like 2-5 day old animals.

    If the shelter is run by taxpayers money, than yes they have tell you what method. If its non-profit, run by donations, they don't have to explain it to anyone but the inspectors that grant them their certificate to operate.

    EDIT Jennifer...

    FYI euthanasia by injection is a heart stick. The animals are given either ketamine or xlazene, or both. Once the animal is unconscious, they are given a shot into their heart to kill them. You can give this shot in the vein, but its very difficult if the animal is aggressive or sick.

    Source(s): Animal Control Officer 8 years
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    Ah, I am not a breeder myself, my dogs are spayed and neutered, but what I would expect is... That the breeder makes the seller sign a contract that if the buyer ever can not care for the dog any longer or no longer want the dog, they must return it to the breeder, no exceptions! Also, to ensure that the dog(s) is/are altered at the appropriate age. That a contract is signed saying that if the breeder ever feels that it is necessary to take the dog back (suspects it is not getting proper care, etc. legit reasons though), he or she may with or without refund. That the breeder keep contact with the buyer throughout the dog's life with regular updates, have the buyer's phone number and vice versa. That there is a X number of weeks/month health guarantee. That the puppy or puppies are vet checked before being rehomed with the potential buyer, and if anything is wrong with it then it may be returned for a refund. That the puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, deflea'd, as appropriate to age. That potential homes are found and screened before the breeding takes place, and during the puppy's 8-12 weeks at home. That the breeder would keep their puppies and dogs until they find good, forever homes, however long that may take (even if that means the dog's entire life..) That the breeder would ensure the potential buyer is breed experienced, and ask about methods the potential buyer uses for training, if they've had a dog before, have any allergies, meet the family, discuss exercise requirements etc. Hm, that's all I can think of, but as I said, I have not and never will breed my dogs. EDIT: I corrected some misspelled words and made it a bit more readable.

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    PETA is full of crap. Wonder why they are not telling people how many and by what means they are killing thousands of animals each year.

    Most all shelter use humane methods...if they are reputable. If they are not who knopws and it would be hard to prove. Euthanaisa solution is VERY cheap, so there is no reason not to use it.

    Don't trust PETA.

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    dont beleive everything PETA tells you

    any shelter that didnt euthanize animals humanely would have had its charity status pulled long ago and been closed down..

    if PETA had proof of ANY shelter NOT euthanizing humanely (with a vet) would have forced that shelter to be closed..

    sooooo... its all lies...

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    I worked at an SPCA. When animals came in sick beyond healing (upper respiratory infections, parvo...) they were euthanized by injection. When overcrowding became a problem, the animals that had been there longest, little adoption interest, too old, were euthanized by injection. Sometimes people would bring their old animals in to have them put down for a lesser fee than a vet would charge. Needless to say, not the greatest job in the world. One day we had to "ice" 45 animals. (once put down, we placed them in garbage bags, then in a chest freezer for garbage pick up later.)

    Aren't you glad you asked?

    Thanks Grey for the very informative site.

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    Well I'm going to tell you that i know for a fact that my shelter uses a kill box, that is why I'm going to vote this march for a new animal shelter to be built. I hope it goes through!!!!!!

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