Opinions for Sustained-release drugs?

In your opinion, which is a better formulation Sustained-release or controlled release??? Why??? cite a constructive example

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sustained release drugs???

and oh! I forgot.. What does a matrix have to do with the release of an SR drug??? Explain it plz? i can't understand my report..........

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    The difference between controlled release and sustained release is that controlled release is a perfectly zero order release; that is, the drug releases over time irrespective of concentration. Sustained release implies slow release of the drug over a time period. It may or may not be controlled release.

    But generally the product obtained in the market called controlled release is actually sustained release. So both are same and are called extainded release formulations.

    Recently the paharmaceutical formulation department are trying to make extainded release formulations for most of the drugs. The main advantage of these formulations are they decrease the number of dosage intake and maintain the drug concentration in the plasma in a constant rate. Thus decrease the chance of overdose and maintain steady plasma drug concentration and assure the effect of drug over certain period of time. Generally tablets are designed to take once daily and injectables can give effect over months or year. There is no such disadvantages of these formulations and only when there is need of quick and short term effect they are not used like when you have headache.

    You dont bother with this matrix. Sustained-release tablets are formulated so that the active ingredient is embedded in a matrix of insoluble substance (various: some acrylics, even chitin, these are often patented) so that the dissolving drug has to find its way out through the holes in the matrix. In some SR formulations the matrix physically swells up to form a gel, so that the drug has first to dissolve in matrix, then exit through the outer surface.

    Actually the main challenge for formulation department is to formulate the right matrix for the selected drug. It is totally made of some pharmacologically inactive material and is totally harmless to your body.

    I think you might understand the basic things, if not directly contact me and I will tell you evrything you want to know in detail.

    Source(s): I am a research fellow and my research is on extainded release formulations.
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