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Is there any truth, that "Black America" left Hillary because Obama's "Black" and Hillary is "White"?

Black America has always supported the Clinton's and the Clinton's have always supported "Civil Rights" and "Black Americas agenda's...why have they abandoned her in vast numbers as if she has always been against their wishes? Is it because Baack Obama is a "Black candidate" and they only needed Hillary Clinton until Barack came along? What happened to their undying loyalty for the Clinton's? What gives in this situation, why have things suddenly turned out different? Was Hillary unfairly thrown to the wolves by the "Black Community"? It was a real abrupt change...and it appears to have no basis for any such change with the given set of circumstances, except he is a "Black candidate" and she is a "White candidate"! You tell me what happened and why?


I simply asked a question on why the Clinton's were highly supported in the "Black Community" and now, suddenly they are not! I asked for your opinions on this subject, thats all! No need to get all worked up...just answer what you believe to be the facts as to why Hillary is not getting the support from the those that used to support her whole-heartedly! I know tons of "White People" support Barack Obama...nothing wrong with that, its their decision...far be it for me to argue about it! Now, in the general election should Obama win the Democratic nomination and he ran against John McCain, should he suddenly receive only 10* of the "White Vote", would it be wrong to also asked the "White Voters", why did you suddenly abandon Barack Obama in the general election, when you supported him in the primaries and made him the Democratic nominee? This is the question I asked you concerning Hillary smoke and mirrors, just your reason for the abandonment of the former supporters?

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    the clintons support whovever or whatever will do them the most good at the time."black America" as you put it,probably realized that the clintons are a pair of lying scheming pieces of garbage who lied to them in order to gain nothing but political advantages for themselves.Their support is nothing less than a facade in order to pad their bank accounts and political coffers,and when the checks stop coming in,they drop you like yesterdays garbage and move on to another "cause" to extort monies from.

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    The answer is simple his skin color, you are right the Clintons were very kind to the African Americans in this country which is why it is humourous to see that the blacks are favoring Obama because of his skin color and turned on the Clintons that quick, the blacks have shown they are very racist whereas you will find many whites voting for Obama... even more amusing is the fact that one of Obamas parents is white yet he is still considered a black person.. for all you white women out there dont ever have kids with a black man not only will he leave you without child support but they also have dominant cave man genes and your baby will come out a different race say goodbye to YOU!

    As for Oprah that one is even more funny she has been going off about womens rights for 20 years and then when a woman has a shot at being the president she votes for the guy that is her same skin color ... lol what a joke.. then again these people come from third world countries originally like Nigeria so why is anyway surprised with their poor decision making..

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    Remember OJ Simpson,

    that jury couldn't see past their skin.

    Blood is thicker than water

    Hillary remember that.

    Charlie Rangel is still supporting her, maybe he knows something the other blacks don't know.

    The blacks support Obama because

    it is their best chance to get a Black House.

    Even if he doesn't talk the talk

    or walk the walk.

    Empty though he may well be.

    He's a brother and their man.

    He's the man.

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    They left in groves because the finally understood the Clinton's as racist , who's been using them over the years just to win votes in exchange of government cheese in the form of welfare the other hand,they've witnessed the Obamen-tum and the time he invested in the community ,helping and improving life's and ensuring a better future for their kids and for America as a country...they've finally and unanimously agreed that a true hero and a 21 century mentor has arrived..

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    Couldn't be that for the 8 years BC was in office, he did nothing for "black america". Couldn't be that BC stated that black people vote for black people in SC. Couldn't be that you have done the exact same thing by putting this question up.'s got to be that blacks are bigots because they don't vote for your canidate. As a republican, I find it amusing that you white democrats constantly, prejudicially make hypotheses about "black america" this and that....and yet I'm the racist swine for being GOP. I just don't get it....maybe if I treated them as a segregated voting block I can get that stigma of being racist off me.....wait that doesn't sound right.

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    Well, Bill Clinton made an error and pulled the race card not long ago. That being said, I do believe that the blacks are backing him due to his skin color. I think it is an opportunity to make history and they find that irrestible. I don't blame them. The funny part is he is just as white as he is black, but shh! don't tell them that! ♥

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    Please don't group all Blacks together and say stupid stuff like we only see skin color.

    I happen to be very BLACK and love Hilliary and think obama is creepy and just a tanned version of bush.

    And to put a few other black myths to rest:

    1. I hate Oprah

    2.I don't eat fried chicken.

    3.I don't live on welfare.

    4.Denzel Washington & Hallie Berry can't act and there not that good looking.

    I'll let you know if i think of any more.

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    <~~~~~~~ sighing

    your question should be why are so many whites voting for Obama

    there are not enough blacks in america to vote in Obama

    and there are far more whites on welfare than blacks

    I see some of these answers, people think of blacks as if they were dogs..... we gave them this,we gave them that so therefore the blacks owe us their vote

    when people can look at all race's equally........then these stupid questions will diminish, I would venture to say if I had one dollar for every black that didn't vote for Obama I would be financially comfortable

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    No, black america left Hillary because Hill and her wife Bill spouted some anti-black criticism and pissed them off.

    Plus, black america doesn't like witches (with a capital B), so of course, Hillary got no love.

    Vote Obama

    Source(s): Her defeat was necessary after her behavior in South Carolina.
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    Blacks will always back a black

    The white race is "The Enemy" according to Luis Farrakhan

    Farrakhan is the black leader of Islamic Muslim nation

    He supports Obama and calls him the light of the world.

    S.C. and Ga. and Al were all states that proved the black vote is for Obama due to his skin color.

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