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Why africans are highlighted when there is corruption in business or government, what about other races are they innocent or do they also commit these crimes?


thumba i have read very carefully my question i dont see anywhere i say its ok for corruption?

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    Good question......the biggest corruption in the world is in the World Bank and sister organisation IMF...under the command of Washington......especially through their structural alignment programmes........but most don't want to talk about it....

    .....remember that Washington closed their embassy in Gabon because of alleged non-democratic and corrupt practices of the government there....what happened when oil was change of government, but embassy was opened overnight, ostensibly to help democratise the country...why didn't they do it before oil was discovered......the answe is simple - the world's number one corrupt country saw an opportunity to open a branch of is CORRUPTION outlet!!!!!!

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    Bee , my friend. When the ANC came in power it was not to upgrade corruption but to erase corruption black or white.Thousands fought and thousand died not to up grade corruption but for a better country.

    Bee ,my friend because other races commit these crimes so you believe it is Ok for the Black business ,black civil servants and black politicians to join in.SHAME ON YOU

    Blacks should have more pride for they were the victims. Blacks should show the other races they are better . Blacks should not follow a corrupt legacy but leave a legacy that generations of people can look up and say SOUTH AFRICAN BLACKS built a nation to be proud of.Now every corner and nearly every position held is a workshop for corruption.Truth Mr. Bee Truth.

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    Agloitti,Kebble,Arthur Brown of Fidentia, ... I read in Fridays Daily Dispatch that white business men in East London were involved in fraud cases involving amounts of 35 and 4 million Rands in two seperate incidents. Two years ago a white business man defrauded the public works department of East London(amount of 4 million). A white secretary working at Selborne college in East London stole a million Rand from the schools accounts. Surprisingly the school pleaded with the judge not to charge her.They told the court they would increase her salary so she could say off what she had stolen. I wonder what would have happened if she was a black employee. I even read a few years ago in the Sunday Times that a white minister in the old days stole 15 million and was the largest amount stolen in SA history at that time when I read the article. In all honesty any race is capable of corruption but what I have noticed is that when whites do it they still manage to get the job done but with blacks its normally vokkol. I doubt that corruption cases will be out in the open if the awarded jobs were done properly. All in all we are all guilty and should stop pointing fingers.

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    This is done to hide the corruption taking place elsewhere. If you remember a carte Blanche episode a while ago where and American economic hit man openly admitted to entering African countries and corrupting the governments with promises of power and happens all over the world.

    The western powers get away with it because who is going to

    a) try and stop them

    b) kill any opportunity to get international investments by turning down these offers.

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    Yes, you are right. It is not right that African governments are corrupt but Europe and the Developed World are quick to point the finger always outside!!! The corruption and lying of the Bush and Blair administrations to line the pockets of the oil barons and bring suffering and death on hundreds of thousands of people around the world is never mentioned. The list could go on and on....

    BEE You must remember that certain people here are admitted racists and so whatever a black man does will never be good enough! Whatever he does wrong will always be highlighted as a sign of the supposed implicit inferiority of his race.

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    Not on the same scale and frequency that African government officials and businessmen in South Africa commit crimes of corruption and fraud.

    Virtually every transaction in South Africa is tainted with African corruption to some extent, often involving millions and millions of Rands of taxpayers money.

    Even the government institutionalised racist policies of AA, BEE and EE amount to no more than corruption as they inspire the theft of assets and income rightfully belonging to South Africa's productive and skilled white population.

    Need we mention Travelgate, the Arms Deal, Oilgate, The Land Bank Scandal, etc etc.....

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    I think Africans are highlighted because they have no shame. They enjoy corruption like it is a national sport. They also do not hide it as well as the Americans.

    Another reason i think it is highlighted because the corruption is often led to the detriment of the country. Some benefit while the country falls apart. But in the states, although they may have poverty, it is not as bad as Africa. So it is worse when an African leader is involved in corruption as their countries cannot afford it.

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    I think that you will find your answer in the government of SA. Before it was the whitey that was in the rule, and they were regarded as the skelms and crooks. Now the tables have turned, and the African (or black) is now in the power seat, and it is natural that these are now the target of observation and criticism.

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    I am not saying it is true or false but the amount of crime multiplied noticeably in the last decade

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    absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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