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請不要使用快譯通 感恩。

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    "The Swan Lake" selects material from the Russia folk tale as well as

    Germany's myth story "the Swan Lake"

    "Princess Alter and the maidservant arrive the bund to pick

    flowers together, devil Rotter Balter Shihmo the incantation, turns

    them the swan, from then on, they only can change the person in the

    night. The prince is uneven 格菲 holds the adult ritual the same day

    and the friend egresses goes hunting, pursues the swan to the bund,

    puts out when the arrow preparation must shoot, discovered the swan

    changes the human form under the beautiful moonlight, the prince saw

    appearance beautiful Princess Alter the heart lives the admire,

    princess related her bitter experience, and expressed only has, the

    eternal love sincerely can explain the evil spirit incantation.

    The prince tells princess, next day he must hold to choose bride's

    dance party, at the appointed time she certainly must come, and the

    announcement must marry her is the wife. The dance party same day,

    comes from various countries' princess, exposes the dance technique in

    front of the prince, lively is extraordinary, however the princes all

    remain unmoved, wait for the swan princess's appearance, but

    unexpectedly the devil and his daughter black swan execute the black

    magic again, disguised as the count and swan princess, the prince

    unexpectedly has chosen the black swan is the bride, and altogether

    danced with it, hides feels dejected in quoin swan princess, rushes to

    the lakeside. When the devil reveals the fierce smiling face which

    prevails, the prince only then knew was deceived.

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