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Toyota engines... are they really push rod???

I wasn't aware that Toyota made a push rod engine....either now or in the past.. especially a V-8. Even though domestic manufacturers don't make push rod engines anymore they must just for NASCAR. How can Toyota enter the sport if they NEVER made those engines? How does that work? thanks..

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    The engines were designed and built by TRD in Costa Mesa, California.

    Nobody is selling a production vehicle with a carburetor anymore either, but it doesn't matter. The only parts supplied by Ford and Chevy are the blocks and the heads. There are strict guidelines the engines and associated parts have to comply with, including the fact that they can have only one camshaft, which makes pushrods mandatory.

    I took some really good pictures of a spare Toyota engine at a race last year, if you want to see one up close and personal. The link will be below, and the pics are about halfway down the page.

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    When Toyota was allowed to enter NASCAR, they were given a Dodge, Chevy and Ford race engine and told that they have to built an engine within the parameters of those engines. The push rod V8 is in production by the domestic manufacturers, look at the trucks and cars with V8's. NASCAR Officials took a bribe!

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    Toyota HAD to build a pushrod V8 to comply with the Nascar Rulebook in order to compete in Nascar and they did. There IS a Toyota TRD Nascar push rod V8 engine.

    Toyota did there homework and went into the garages and asked what people liked/disliked about Chevy, Ford and Dodge and combined the best of all three into there engine.

    The Toyota blocks do share a couple similarity's with the other manufactuers but there engineered and made by Toyota. One example is the bell housing bolt pattern is the same as a Chevy. In other words, a Chevy transmission will bolt right up to a Toyota TRD Nascar engine!

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    Trd Nascar Engine

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    Toyota was allowed to copy current Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet Nascar engines.

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    I know this is a little off topic , however, you have to remember , you can build these bad boys for pure speed (more horse power) or you can go for longevity .

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    This is a very interesting topic

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    Yes they are custom built pushrod engines!!!!!

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    is anyone able to tell what is the correct answer for this question?

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    It depends..

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