How to get that preppy look?

How can I get that preppy look without buying all those expensive clothes like A&E and American Eagle? Thanks! Your answers are appreciated! What would also be some good hairstyles that can go with that look? What hair products should i use to achieve that hairstyle? Once again., thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    just buy regular polo shirts. they dont have to be a brand name if they are cute. you can even get ralph lauren for a more sophisticated look. they have some cheaper at tjmaxx and marshalls.

    wear khakis and canvas tennis shoes. any hairstyle can go with a preppy look. idk of a preppy hairstyle.

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    4 years ago

    To me a preppy look is a extra classic form and that i love that. classification not in any respect is going out of trend!! you will get preppy seems from any shop in simple terms by utilizing the way you position difficulty mutually. A common of the preppy look - dressy jeans, chinos, crisp white dress blouse, narrow pink belt, pencil black skirt, pink extreme heels, skinny v-neck sweater to positioned on w/ a camisole.

  • Well, many people misuse the "prep" term. I am very prep, but not a fake prep. Real preps aren't the ditzy, paris hiltons. Preps are well brought up, smart people who wear classy items. Preps aren;t always mean, and I don't know why some think so. Its a and f, actually. However, those stores aren't that preppy. I like a and f, but as a prep, I really like ralph lauren, lilly pulitzer, brooks brothers, etc. Those stores are typically moremoney than ae, or a and f. For cheaper preppy clothing, go to gap, old navy, etc. Go to a and f for sale items, maybe. Or truly preppily, ralph lauren sale items. just don't go to wall mart or k mart for preppy clothing, since they are not that good quality, and not preppy. Have fun! Hope I helped!

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    Well first off American Eagle is not considered preppy by preppy people, why dont you read some of this...

    but, if you dont want look like a real prep and just the wanna be AE AF Hollister kind, just go by those stores and by the clothes...

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    Try a green/blue polo shirt, nice faded light wash jeans, and and a burberry (or other cute) scarf. Wear a belt, and matching light coloured clean Converse, or closed-toe kitten (1-2 inch) heels. Don't wear horizontal stripes unless your waist is 26 inches or less (e.g. you are nowhere close to pudgy)

    If you want to go for a more girly look, try a pink long sleeve jersey (t-shirt material) shirt, cream coloured cardigan, slightly above knee length flared dark blue skirt, coordinated pink scarf (use your designer cash here...think Lacoste or D&G), and brown pumps.

    Depending on what kind of hair you have this could not work, but....Wash your hair with good quality shampoo and use abundant conditioner. Towel-dry your hair and apply a volumizing mousse from Pantene or Tresemme. Divide your hair into sections and blow dry each part. Brush/style your hair and use LIGHT hairspray (think touchable not porcupine).

    I have slightly wavy hair and what I do is straighten the whole thing with a Hair Iron, and then curl it with a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron.

    Hope this helps... remember, Hollister is nice and all, but you really don't want to look like every other girl in the room. Trust me, I live in southern California.... it's not pretty.

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    bright and colorful clothes?

    hollister is pretty cheap but it isnt really preppy

    u could try uhh forever 21? no idea how much that costs

    charlette russe?

    ross? marshalls?

    uhh and hairstyles... no idea

    im a guy so i have no idea what im talking about

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    Old Navy is a preppy store, and their prices are is Target and Walmart.

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    Layer your shirts. Cute and easy.

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    1 decade ago

    buy some ralph lauren - u culd use some bangs w/ that outfit :)

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