Drug Free Phrases?

I need a couple of drug free phrases. For a kid for my neices poster do you have any suggestio


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do drugs? Are you joking?

    I'd rather be choking!

    I'm saving my body for sports!

    Get lost and don't bother to call!

    My head is not hollow!

    I won't take a swallow!


    "21">Get high, like a rocket?

    Your brain's in your pocket

    And you've sent all your marbles to space,

    If you think for a minute

    That I'd dive right on in it,

    Just by the blank stare on my face!

    >Do drugs, are you crazy?

    I may be called lazy,

    But I still have a functioning head!

    Go spread your infection

    Some other direction!


    >"A sip" are you bidding?

    You've got ot be kidding!

    I'll stick to my cola and pop!

    You're very kindhearted,

    But once I get started

    Who knows if I ever could STOP!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hugs not drugs.

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