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Drugs.Whats. ur.opion.?

Do you think they should be allowed. or outlawed. which ones.?


Wow...yeah vikes and weed WOAH...Sorry ignore this. by the way this for a project so answer would be nice longest and most helpful for opions will get the best answer award

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    Drugs are considered "bad" in our Western 21th century culture. It wasn't always this way, and many drugs are considered "good" or "neutral" in many other countries/cultures or environments.

    Take Canada: there are "good" uses of marijuana that are accepted (medical reasons). And take Jamaica: The rastafari use the same drug even with children, and nobody cares.

    My personal opinion is that they are "wrong" only if they cause danger or problems with other people (not the consumer) and if the consumer loses control of his/her life because of it becomes an addiction.

    Probably, if the drugs become legal, the drug-business would end (at least its big profits), and that's probably one of the reasons it keeps itself illegal. They benefit from it.

    Take this truth (from a psychology study): alcoholism rates are lower in those countries where wine and beer consumption is legal and well seen as a family thing: families get together and alcohol is "normal" among them as a celebration thing, so kids see it as a "family joy".

    In those countries where alcohol is banned or seen as a "men" thing far from the family, the alcoholism is higher, because it is associated to loneliness, manhood and something you do in a place far from home.

    Hope that helps

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    Do you really think the elite will allow them to vanish . They want them outlawed so they can charge allot for them . Legalize them and watch them become a thing of the past . They don't make money there not going to bring them not worth there time

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    weeds versus alcohol. I got good trip in weeds more calmly than being, drunk crazy as a horse and wild and become depressed. If stores or shops will sell weeds as they sell liquors, I better buy weeds. But how they allow to sell liquors but not weeds, like as a tea with limited doze, than liquore without limited doze.

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    They only reason drugs are not legal is because they are not "made in America". All drugs that are legal, big business is making the profit, and many of these drugs are way worst or can have the same effect as street drugs. One to many Tylenol and your dead.

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    weed and painkillers NEEEED TO BE LEGALIZEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

    ohhhh what a world it would be....

    and shroomies too

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