What gauge wire is used to make swag light kits?

I want to make a rain chain, and I'm wondering what size solid copper wire would work. It needs to hold some weight and should be able to bend by using pliers or such. I want to make sure the links don't pull apart with any weight on it. And the size of wire on a swag light kit might work. But I don't know what size it is.

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    If I understand correctly you want to use copper wire to make a chain to hold some weight, maybe 10-15 pounds. You will need solid copper wire that is commonly used as a ground wire. This could be a #2 or larger wire the smaller the number, the larger the wire. Copper is very expensive right now, but will not get much cheaper in the near future. Use long handled pliers to bend the wire, to make the links, use a large piece of wood for a link form. take 2 1/2" bolts close together, secure the end of the wire near one and bend the wire around both. Cut the wire and repeat the process to make the links. Hope this makes sense.

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    I think you are asking about the chain itself? Most of them are made of steel wire, not copper. Steel is harder and stiffer than copper. Cheaper too. 12 or 14 guage steel wire will support a fairly heavy fixture. Why not just buy the chain? If you really want copper, I would use 10 gauge minimum or even 8 for a heavy fixture. You can use smaller wire if you solder the ends of the links together.

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    Solid copper will be very expensive. For the thickness you are looking for, you'll need to buy 6 or 8 gauge solid wire. Why not buy actual chain that is used in a swag kit. If your looking for the copper/green patina look, get the faux paint that imitates that look and paint the chain.

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    If you go to a hardware store check out 16 ga and 14 ga, which is a little heavier. Your correct that solid is the way to go.

    "any weight on it..." is very subjective, so go verify by testing. You can buy a foot of each for about 40 cents. You may as well try 12 also. (the heaviest of the three)

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    14AWG lamp wire

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