Will the jeep be sluggish?

I have a 1995 4 cylinder, stock gears, auotomatic jeep wrangler. Im looking to put a 4 inch suspension lift, and 33 inch tires. Will the jeep be sluggish with 33 inch tires?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes. It will also probably kill the transmission.

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    Sluggish yes. The more important thing to think about are the axles rather than the transmission.

    Your tranny is a TF904 - TorqueFlight, hey, it's better than an AX-5 manual tranny, so I wouldn't worry so much about that.

    It all comes down to what you use the YJ for. If it's your daily driver, then you might think of concentrating on a 4.2L upgrade first. If it's more for trails and only some on-road applications, then you should start with an more trail-oriented parts (ie: axle, lift) The 4cyl are very capable trail machines.

    If you're going to put so much pressure on your axles I would think of upgrading to something more than the Dana 30 / 35 combination you've got now. Perhaps a 8.8 in the rear at least. Or go with two Dana 44 or 60. With 33s it's a toss up. Yes a rear axle swap would be nice! If you start getting up to 35s, then it's time to ditch both current Dana axles.

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    Ok it only looks like one person has ever had a 2.5 Tough 4cyl. besides me. Listen to jed c he is right. The only thing is I hope your not looking for a great amount of top speed, perfect for off road. My first 4cy. was an automatic I forgot what gears but was not stock (maybe 273 or 454 don't remember I bought it that way) It had a 3 inch lift and a set of 33x12.5x15 on it. I know have 2 more 4cyl. one with 3 inch lift with Prime Well 31x10.5x15 on stock rims and stock gears. Also a 97 4cyl. 31x10.5x15 on 15x10 BF's no lift.

    Source(s): Tires will take away from Top End. More rubber on the road the slower you will go.
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    Honestly, if you keep the stock gears, it will be a dog on the street. But throw some 4.56 gears in the diffs, and it is definitely livable. I run a similar setup (4 banger, 4.88's, 33's, 4:1 in the tcase, manual) and its fine on both the street and the trail. With 4 bangers its all about getting the right gearing. There are plenty of 4 bangers out there doing DD and trail duty.

    If you want more 4banger specific info, check out http://www.4bangerjp.com/forums/. Lots of good info there.

    edit: Anyone who says a 4 banger cant be used for hardcore wheeling is mistaken. There are plenty of jeeps running the Hammers, Rubicon, Moab, etc with their 4 cylinders...

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  • 1 decade ago

    The tires are changing the gear ratio. Put a lower gear in the diff and you'll be fine.

    And for people saying a 4 cylinder cant off-road. The jeeps of ww2 had 4 bangers and they are legends.

  • BlueXJ
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    1 decade ago

    I would not spend the money to do a lift and tires with the 4cylinder. They were not meant as a serious off road vehicle. You will need gearing to drive it with those tires and your bad gas mileage will get much worse.

    Look for a Wrangler with a 4.0L and trade up. Then you will have a platform upon which you can build a better Jeep. Don't get me wrong the 4cylinder Wranglers had their place but it wasn't off road. That is just my opinion.

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    Never buy a 4cyl. jeep ... You can however get away with a 2" Budget boost lift from Rubicon Express and put 31x10.5 MT's on it and still be offroad ready.... The only place you'll find it gets slow will be on the highway going up hills .. new leaf springs will give you a height almost equal to a TJ's with a 3.5 Superflex lift with 33's... i think you'll be happy with the look and feel of this YJ after your done ... you have the last of the YJ's , take care of it..........

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    Yea would not go through with it. Like someone said try to trade up. The 4.0 will last longer and hold it's value more. A_moron made me laugh so hard when I read that "I don't know why GM put 4 in"... Just thought would throw that in.

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    Just swap out your axle gears (4:88) and you'll be fine. I'd go with a BFG AT 33x10.50 instead of 12.50. Less resistance on your powertrain.

    For engine mods go buy this months issue of JP mag. They have their list of top ten power adders that they have installed and dyno'd.

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    it can be done but you have to regear the diff's and even then it will be a street vehicle only with no offroad use due to the whimpy engine and tranny in that yj. best bet get a 4.2l straight 6 engine from i think the old cj's and a nv4500 tranny from a tj will need some adapters i'm sure. along with regearing the axles and the lift.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it will be slow, and you might even wreck your transmission while your at it.

    The entire powertrain of a 4 banger vehicle was designed for a 4 banger. Weak..

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