Do you know about East Timor?

what gets me is i have just read a question by flute chick about east timor and the best answer was actually incorrect! the answerer got his knowledge from the cia for one thing which unless its leaked papers is never going to be accurate. East Timor was actually a portugese empire until indonesia wanted this beautiful island. Indonesia discussed this with america and england, the deal was it was to become part of indonessia while the west kept out of it. But for a price america agreed but wanted an american air base situated there, Indonesia agreed and with that they went to east timor and slaughtered millions of civilians and the rest where dumped outside the island. If anyone is interested about what is really going on in our world google john pilger and David Icke they are two of the leading controversey experts who hace hard facts about the wests scheming ways! anyone wish to comment please do the more people who know about the goings on the more we can end this behaviour.

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    Unfortunately, this is a forum full of incorrect information. I have come across blatant misinformation many times. I personally would not post a question here if I was relying solely upon it for correct information. Quick searches with online search engines will find more reliable info. I know that it is frustrating to watch the train wrecks that so many questions become, but I guess it is a part of YA. We are opening ourselves up to the public here, and the public is what it is. There are people who post incorrect answers just for the fun of it! If someone only would like to rely on the answers received, because of whatever reason, they are not properly educating themselves.

    Wikipedia, for example, will give basic facts, but we all need to dig deeper if we would like to know as many facts as possible.

    The Indonesian Consulate was right across the street from my school when the last crisis occurred. There were a few protesters, but not many. It seems that they do a good job of keeping their undertakings quiet.

    Edit: I thought I would add an answer of mine that I answered correctly, and the other answer is completely wrong. Perfect example of the incorrect, unreliable info on YA.;_ylt=AovdG...

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    BEAR... honestly I am definite Obama WOULD understand wherein East Timor is... He frolicked as a Child in Indonesia did not he ? I doubt that many american citizens could understand wherein east timore is. as for sarah palin...No proposal could be my guess.

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    Here is the fact about that wonderful nation :-)

    The highest point in East Timor is Foho Tatamailau (2,963 m).

    The north coast of East Timor is on the edge of the Wetar Strait, a marine trench around three kilometers deep. A variety of marine life can be found in the deep waters.

    The island of Timor is said to resemble the shape of a crocodile. Timorese legend says that a crocodile turned itself into the island in thanks to a boy who saved his life.

    The first people to colonise the island of Timor arrived around thirty-five thousand years ago.

    Melanesian people migrated to Timor around 3000 BC. People from South China and North Indochina arrived in 2500 BC.

    Archeological discoveries in caves at Lene Hara, on the eastern tip of East Timor, date back thirty thousand years.

    Paintings of animals, dancers and symbols, estimated to be five thousand years old, can be seen in the caves of O Hi and Ile Kere Kere, near to Lena Hara.

    The Portuguese first visited Timor in the early sixteenth century.

    Sandalwood grown in East Timor was exported by Portuguese traders.

    The Portuguese controlled East Timor for over four hundred years.

    During the Second World War the Japanese occupied East Timor between 1942 and 1945.

    The island of Timor was divided between the Portuguese (East Timor) and the Dutch (West Timor).

    In the early nineteenth century, coffee, cotton and sugar plantations were established on East Timor.

    Indonesia, previously part of the Dutch colonial empire, annexed East Timor at the end of 1975.

    In August 1999 seventy-eight percent of Timorese voters chose independence in a United Nations supervised referendum.

    Australian-led peacekeeping troops of the International Force for East Timor brought an end to the violence following the referendum.

    Carlos Belo, the Acting Bishop of Dili, and Jose Ramos Horta, the resistance leader, were jointly awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1996. The Prize helped to raise awareness of East Timor's struggle for independence.

    Elections were held in East Timor in August 2001.

    In April 2002, Xanana Gusmao, a Timorese leader, won the presidential election in East Timor.

    Independence celebrations took place in East Timor in May 2002.

    Jose Ramos Horta became the prime minister of East Timor in July 2006 and won the presidential election in May 2007.

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