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Eli Manning and Rex Grossman?

Everyone is constantly dogging Rex Grossman, but what is the difference between Manning (don't say a Super Bowl win) and Grossman. Seeing as Grossman has only played 1 complete season I only have 1 season to compare statistics, so we'll compare 2006 stats.

Grossman - 3193 yds, 23 TD, 20 INT, 73.9 Rating, 55% Comp

Manning - 3244 yds, 24 TD, 18 INT, 77.0 Rating, 57% Comp

Super Bowl season - 3336 yds, 23 TD, 20 INT, 73.9 Rating, 56% Comp (not that far off from Rex's Super Bowl season)

So why is Manning a great QB and Rex a terrible QB? Statistically they look pretty similar to me.

If you can't give me an intelligent answer please don't answer.


For You don't know me son

Rex - 2005 - 192 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 54% Comp

2006 - 591 yds. 3 TD, 3 INT, 73% Comp

Manning - 2005 - 113 yds, 0 TD, 3 INT, 35% Comp

2006 - 161 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT, 85% Comp

2007 - 854 yds, 6 TD, 1 INT, 95% Comp

Manning had 1 extra game in 2007 then Rex in 2006.

So you're saying because of 1 good playoff run, he's a better playoff QB. They both got their team to the Super Bowl, still don't see that much of a difference.

Update 2:

Contact, are you saying that the Giants defense had nothing to do with the Giants playoff run?

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    there isn't all that much of a difference besides the superbowl which is why everyone has joined the Eli bandwagon

    Eli is related to Peyton which also helps him

    people can easily say he has potential

    and im not saying Eli is bad I like Eli and I wanted him to win the WS

    but your right Eli did win the superbowl and maybe if the Bears did a little more to help Rex we could win the superbowl too

    i know that seems a little far away now, but the stats say it all

    and of course some things are hidden behind the stats like who had the better O line and recievers, but thoes in my opinion seem to favor Rex

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    Because Eli Manning has improved since the 2006 season even though the stats don't really show it. Eli Manning doesn't cost his team the game like Rex usually does. Rex Grossman had the chance to win a SB but couldn't get it done. Eli Manning won the SB for the Giants at the end of the game. Eli Manning showed that he could play error free in the playoffs, something Rex can't do. Therefore, Eli Manning is an overall way better QB than Rex Grossman.

    Edit: The defense certainly had something to do with the Giants playoff run, and so did your defense last year.......but Rex couldn't do enough for them to win (Bears only got 2 touchdowns, 1 by Hester's return and the 2nd one a turnover and Thomas Jones basically gave you the touchdown).

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    There really isn't that much of a difference except for the fact that Eli has put up "good enough" numbers each year he's played. I also think that Eli has more potential than Grossman - there's no way of actually putting this into words, but Eli makes some throws that only one or two other QB's in the NFL could get away with..... of course, the next time he drops back to pass, he'll throw it right into the chest of a defender.

    Grossman had some injury problems starting out his career, and I really liked him his first few years - I thought he was going to be a great, great QB. However, after watching him in 2006, I changed my mind. Look at the teams he was playing against when he had most of his big games that season - is it an accomplishment to throw 5 TD's on the season against the Lions? How about 3 against the 49ers? And 2 against the Rams?

    He essentially had what I'm forever going to refer to as a Derek Anderson season - he took over at the right time, and he put up big numbers against bad teams. He may have had a good game or two against mediocre to good teams, but for the most part, he'd play awful against good defenses.

    Calling Eli Manning a great QB is beyond a stretch - quite frankly, I think he pretty much stinks. Don't get me wrong - as I said - I think he has a lot of potential, but so did the likes of Jeff George, Kerry Collins, David Carr, and even Drew Bledsoe. If Eli could eliminate some of his mental mistakes and improve his accuracy (in his defense, his WR's drop a lot of balls), he would be one of the best in the league - that is the difference. Eli has his fair share of bad games, and mistakes, but I wouldn't consider Grossman to be "on the bubble" to becoming one of the best in the league. On top of that, Eli plays significantly tougher schedules (most seasons). The East has been the most competitive division in the NFC for the past two years, and if you don't think the Bears had an easy schedule in 2006, you're kidding yourself.

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    Because the game is not played like fantasy football is. When Manning needed to be at his best he rose to the occasion. He only threw one interception in the post-season (which Steve Smith should have caught), conversely Grossman did not rise to any occasion during his run to the Super Bowl it was his defense that carried him. He could not put together game winning drives, or at least not make the big error that would lose the game for the team. If stats told the whole story...Dan would have beat Joe back in the day, but we all know how that turned out.

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    I don't understand how I am supposed to answer this question if I have to forget the Super Bowl win. That is a big deal. Quarterbacks that can't win superbowls are criticized for not being able to win when it matters most. It may not be everything but you can't simply discard it.

    Interesting though. The stats you posted are a bit similar but Manning appears to have bested Grossman in every stat you posted.

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    I don't think Eli is great. He (and the Giants) just wanted the SB more. I think Grossman's failures has more to do with coaching.

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    forget the superbowl win

    compare the post season between them two. Manning is better

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    I agree. If you want intelligent answers you are in the wrong section. Go Saints.

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