is spybot search and destroy a good thing?

is it a good thing to have? I got that, mcafee virusscan, windows xp firewall and Ccrap (cleans out junk). I asked because my father found out I have it on my computer and the DELL rep told him on the phone it's not a good thing to have. Is he wrong or what? I heard lots of great things about spybot search and destroy.

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    Well Mr. Security advisor. I am a 38 year veteran in computers and just because it is "free" doesn't mean it is bad or "crap" as you call it. Spybot search and destroy is a good scanner. Perhaps not as advanced as McAfee, but still it will protect against common spyware and has been rated by PC World as

    one of the top five freeware scanners. On the other hand McAfee has failed side by side with Norton.

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    Source(s): Antivirus That Works 100% :
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    I am not an information security professional with over 17 years of experience, nor do I work for McAfee.

    I can only point you in the direction of *independent* test results. I believe these will clearly show that McAfee anti-virus is average and that McAfee firewall is pretty useless. See below.

    Spybot Search & Destroy is a legitimate and trustworthy program. It is no longer one of the best available but there is no other need to uninstall it.

    CCleaner is widely used and trusted and is recommended on many security forums by security professionals.

    And so on.

    If you want a really good anti-malware product, get NOD32 or Kaspersky. If want a free anti-virus program that's as good as, if not better than, McAfee get Avast.

    Like McAfee, the Windows XP firewall leaks like a sieve. Get Comodo or OnlineArmor, both free.

    Even with NOD32 or Kapsersky, it would do *no* harm to also use an anti-spyware program such as AVG Anti-Spyware and/or SuperAntiSpyware, free versions available. Also use SpywareBlaster (free) to keep malware off your pc.

    Anti-virus tests (click on the 'Comparatives' link):

    Firewall leak-tests:

    Trustworthy anti-spyware programs:


    Some interesting facts about McAfee anti-virus:

    VB100 Tests passed/failed 1998-2008

    48/2 NOD32

    40/13 Kaspersky

    42/3 Symantec (Norton)

    34/17 McAfee

    Missed 'in-the-wild' viruses on access/on demand 1998-2007

    0/0 NOD32

    34/15 Kaspersky

    29/2 Symantec (Norton)

    64/71 McAfee

    Source: Virus Bulletin, see here -

    McAfee firewall leak-test rating: "Very poor"


    Nor will McAfee and common sense keep you safe.

    A lot of infections are due to exploited vulnerabilities in programs such as Flash player, Adobe reader, Apple QuickTime, Java, etc. McAfee AV might find and remove the crap when it's on your pc but it sure won't stop most of it getting on. Nor will its firewall stop your bank account details being leaked out.

    You need to keep *all* your software up-to-date with the latest security patches. Secunia PSI is an excellent little *freebie* that makes it easy.

    You could also use Firefox with NoScript, this will also give you greater protection. Both are *free*.



    Secunia PSI:

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    Spybot S&D is always a good thing to have. Many people (who sell software) seem to have a grudge against free programs. There are some ripoff programs with similar names that have viruses in them. Those you should stay away from.

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    SpyBot search and destroy is a very good thing. Its a very powerful and free malware scanner.

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    yes its a good thing

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    I use it, works for me

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    Yep it's good

    Spybot is cool

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    good stuff

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