Colic baby?

I think my baby might be colicy. I was hoping there were some parents online that have experienced this before. He's 2 months old, basically very happy lil guy. But at 5pm each day for the last 5 days he's cried for about 3 hours straight with no way to soothe him. I'm awaiting a callback from the Pediatrics right now. but i want some parent advice as well.

Please Help, Its 4pm now so the clock is ticking.

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    5 PM is the trying time for most babies. You have to realize that they spend 9 months in a dark womb. They come out and are bombarded with lights and sounds. They often get tired of dealing with it and cry because they don't know how else to vent.

    Colic is defined as any extended amount of time that a baby cries. People often associate gas with the matter. However, overstimulation could also be a problem. Try setting the baby down in a quiet, dimly lit environment and just rub his belly/back to soothe him. If he still continues to cry nonstop, you could try a colic relief method. You could use gas drops, colic tablets, gripe water. Then also bend his legs to his belly, this also gets the gas bubbles out.

    Tomorrow start fresh. Try not to let him get over stimulated. See if that works. Also when feeding try to make sure he's not swallowing air.

    Good luck.

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    I have read a lot about colic, and of course, I'm not an expert, but from the books I read, the baby will cry for about 3-4 hours at the same time every day. Usually the time of day is during the evening and early night time. It sounds like your baby has colic because of the frequency of the crying and the time of day. You are right though, there really isn't a way to soothe the baby. You can try the usual tricks, like swaddling, letting him suck on something, massaging him, giving him a bath, changing him, feeding him, but none of these will definitely work. If a baby is colicy, sometimes the best thing to do is to let the baby cry while you give yourself a few minutes to regain your patients and then you can go back to the baby and try again. Good luck.

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    I'm not a physician, but it sounds like it. One way to tell if Colic is a possibility is the "Rule of Three". At least 3 weeks old, cries for at least 3 hours, and has cried for 3 days in a row.

    Check out for information and suggestions for soothing.

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    My son used to be that way every day at 2pm. I did find that putting him in a soft carrier and wearing him around helped. It didn't completely cure him, but it made it bearable. He stopped doing it around 10 months old. I'm not going to speculate on your baby's cause of this, there are so many causes that it's not really something you can guess about without driving yourself insaine, but my son had a brain tumor and during his neuro testing the one thing they always asked us was if he was colicky, as they said it was a symptom. But like I said there are so many different causes that it's not a good idea to speculate on, but something to keep in mind if you start seeing other symptoms that could lead you to believe there might be some sort of a neurological problem like seizures, odd noises/facial expressions etc.

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    My baby did the samething but worse it was every night and for three months. Around 12 weeks the crying was way less now at 5 months it's verylittle. it gets better just do whatever works in the mean time.

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    hi, my adughter is 3 months and had exactly the same problem, i used colief in her feeds (get it from the pharmacy) and it 100% did the trick, she got her wind up really well and no more crying nights

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