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Why does my jaw "shift" while giving oral sex?

I am a female that used to be able to give oral sex with no problems from my jaw. Now, when I try to do it, my jaw "shifts" when I take it out of my mouth. It is painful and uncomfortable. There was also a time when my jaw would make a loud cracking noise when I chewed, but that only lasted for about an hour. When I open my mouth as wide as I can it kinda hurts. Can some one please help me with a solution to this problem? Why is this happening?

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    I will probably have to see it in person to be sure. Maybe I should get your number or you could send me a video?? : )

    Some people grind their teeth when they sleep and they don't know it. It takes a while of doing it before the effects are noticeable during normal activities. Maybe that's a problem.

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    When you are performing oral sex, your mouth has to stretch and your jaw cannot stand much tension for certain periods of time.

    If you perform oral sex often your jaw will be unable to cope.

    Think of it as an old elastic band. You can stretch it, but if you keep doing it, it breaks.

    For this problem you should not visit an orthodonist. They cannot help.

    Your best bet would be to visit an oral surgery area which can be found in your local NHS hospital (if you are a uk citizen)

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    Its just like when you hurt your leg, then try to stay off it for a while.

    Just take it easy on the jaw. avoid oral sex and chewy candy for a week or two.

    When my jaw ached and popped a bunch, I just avoided doing the things that made it hurt and pop as much as possible.

    Then one day, I realized it had stopped.

    Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen.

    And you will soon be back in the bedroom with no problems.

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    My jaw has been cracking and sometimes dislocating for years. I saw an ortho and he said my teeth are out of allignment-should have had braces when I was younger. My jaw muscle has worn down, I think it's called TMJ. The doctor says it will never get bad enough where I can't eat or open my mouth but it is starting to cause me ear pain when I open my mouth far. Good luck and God bless.

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    i used to have this. I believe it is the onset of a serious dental problem; which I have. Sometimes this can lead to overbites, underbites, a wisdom tooth coming in (I have been told this by my dentist, so don't laugh), and lock-jaw...which on rare occasions has sent people to the emergency room.

    I would go to the doctor.

    The best case scenario, is that your partner may be too big for your mouth and it will take practice to adjust. Also, just a growing pain if you are young.

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    TMJ is the likely problem. It is not from oral sex, just a jaw condition that plagues many people. It can be fixed with a visit to the doctor.

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    this happens to me all the time (not during oral sex or anything) like just when i'm eating and what not and my jaw like will lock and then it hurts to open your mouth more. i'm pretty sure it's a jaw thing called tmj, i just haven't had it checked out with my dentist yet but you might want to ask them about it too

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    You're brave for asking such a question. Hopefully the other people who answer this question don't give you a hard time; pardon the pun. How much calcium are you getting in your diet? That sounds like a strange question, but if your bones in other parts of your body pop a lot, it's a lack of calcium. I found a link that shows how strengthen your jaw muscles. I hope it's helpful.

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    TMJ. And here's a thought, take a break from the oral for a while. See if some rest helps. Let your boyfriend pleasure you. Seems like he owes you from all the pain he's caused.

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