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What are the pros and cons of living in your state:?

My home state of Wisconsin is awesome because:

1. No mandatory car insurance

2. Best schools and healthcare in the country

3. Good Paying Jobs

4. Big Houses starting at $100,000

5. Top companies to work for headquarters in Racine, Wi: SC Johnson

6. No Garbage Collection Fees

7. Apartments start at $400 with utilities included

8. Car fees are $75 for all cars, including free emissions test

9. People are nice

10. Decent Looking People

11. Beautiful, clean cities, with the lake

12. Nature, woods


1. Boring

2. Cold

3. Not Diverse

4. Too many people into drinking

5. People don't travel much, or expand their views


Taxes are 5%

Gas has not gone to $3.10

Update 2:

I didnt mean to make my home state sound like its all that, because it aint much so, but I have lived in Cali and Florida and compared to home, and I HATE COLD AND SNOW, and being bored, but I found the people in Florida very rudge, but I did love Miami, and Cali, is kind of dirty, and way too expensive and they have really crazy laws, but maybe one day I can afford it there, I really rather live out of the country to an exotic location :) Awww I am such a dreamer.

Update 3:

Hahah Sahara, I think nasty people exist everywhere, the people in Cali here are adorable, they all talk to you even if they dont know you, so that beats Wis. by far, people back home are 50/50 really rude and crazy, or just normal, most everyone minds their business, but no one has any passion. Thanks for sharing all!

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    I live in Minnesota


    1. A Beautiful state

    2. good shopping

    3. Lots of Lakes

    4. Friendly peeps

    5. Good culture within traveling distance.

    6. We get to see all four seasons.

    7. Environmentally conscious state



    1. Cold

    2. The extreme cold

    3. The long winter

    4. The short Fall

    5. We have close-minded people also. All state's do.

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    Odd Q for TRAVEL, no offense, but I suspect,,,as you mention, there are Pros and Cons everywhere.

    One thing I notice, which is scarey, NO mandatory Car ins. I'd hate to have that COURT Boggle for accident claims, but I bet "ambulance chasers" are wealthy.

    I think BEST schools is arguable, sigh. as is Health care

    Decent looking people? YIKES does the state eliminate any who aren't?

    Beautiful cities can be found all over the planet, as can Lakes.

    So can NATURAL beauties, anomolies, inspiring environments.

    Your CON list might fit any state also, and COLD in the North this year is the worst in many years, although I just read an article that the NJ area JUST got their first snow of the season.

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    Your cons sound like my state. (where I live in my state)


    1. Education: Good (lots of colleges, elite schools)

    2. Cultural activities (theatre, opera, music, live bands, etc.)

    3. Good shopping and restaurants

    4. Smart and intelligent people that do interesting things

    5. Lots of ways to be involved in whatever interests you

    6. Winter and summer activities in addition to fall and spring activities


    1. High cost of living (very high)

    2. Lots of congestion on the roadways (too much traffic, too many accidents, too many rude and belligerent drivers, high insurance costs)

    3. Lousy people where I live (bad manners, very selfish, short tempers, do nothings) (*exceptions: but we don't find them often enough)

    I'm in Massachusetts. The Boston area is great but very expensive.

    West of Boston is blah, blah, blah. Where I live: big drug problem. Depressing people that just walk around with blank stares. It's a poor city. But yikes, people... come on. Do something. It's your life. As far as anyone knows, you only have once chance.

    Massachusetts is known as Taxachusetts. Need I say more about taxes? We pay a lot in taxes and get almost nothing back or so it seems. There is a lot of legalized corruption in our state.

    But there are some wonderful people here. Not everyone is mean and nasty.

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    I live in california. The pro's are:

    The weather

    The beaches

    Healthy enviroment

    Plenty to do all year around

    Beautiful national parks, state parks and mountains and lakes


    The cons:


    lots of illegals

    traffic in LA and SF

    Gas is about $3.50 a gal

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