I have a panasonic laser fax..Just changed the toner and copies are lined and dirty.?

Tried cleaning per instructions but the same. Noticed that the

green toner surface is dirty. Wiped clean but no help. What do I need to correct?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Alot of variables here...

    What is the model of the machine? For instance a Panasonic Model KX-FA84 has a seperate drum cartridge and lines can be caused by drum. You mentioned copies are lined and dirty. Are internal prints or incoming faxes lined as well? If they are, then your machine probably needs a drum cartridge or rarely with the panasonic fax a fuser. If the lines do not show up on an incoming fax the slit glass in the scanner is most likely dirty. Check for white out in the scanner on the little thin glass.

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