Example of a court case involving conspiracy?

I'm trying to find an example of a court case where someone was convicted of conspiracy. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    Here are a couple- WHITFIELD v. UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES v. BOOKER. Both are U.S. Supreme Court cases.

    One thing to be aware of- any case involving a conspiracy is going to be very complex, and probably have quite a few technical points of law. I'm also linking to the wikipedia article on conspiracy as it will probably be more helpful than any particular case.

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    John Poindexter was convicted of conspiracy, along with many other crimes, for his role in the Iran Contra. After being being convicted and sentenced, he was pardoned by Bush senior, and then rehired years later by Bush junior as, "Director of the Information Awareness Office"; a post-911 creation. In the Iran Contra trial, he was found guilty of multiple felony counts for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, lying to Congress, defrauding the government, and the alteration and destruction of evidence. There are a handful of former Iran Contra cronies currenty serving as cabinet members for the Bush administration, namely Elliot Abrams and Otto Reich. At the time of the scandal and subsuquent trials, these people were considered the lowest of the low in terms of political ethics, and yet 20 years later, they're brought back into the political system despite obvious disregard for the rule of law and democracy. Maybe they're around again because they've shown their willingness to break the law for their boss(the president) in the past, so it's assumed they'll be willing to do it again. The average joe can't get a job at a gas station with a felony on his record, but those convicted of CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT are welcome back to lucrative, powerful positions with our current administration. argh.

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    - O.J. Simpson court Case.

    - Michael Jackson Case.

    - The Whitewater case - Richard Nickson

    - Bill Clinton's Love affair

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    U.S. vs Jobe or People vs Pierce or Webster vs State of Florida or Enron

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    Any mob case.

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