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List five common household or products in your workplace that contain a substance that could be an acid. Name or write the formula of the substance

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    house hold vinegar is 5% acetic acid. the 5% acid has the formula CH3COOH.

    lemon juice has 5% citric acid with the formula: C6H8O7

    Acetylsalicylic acid = HC9H7O4 And is in Aspirin

    Sulfuric acid = H2SO4 is found in Batteries.

    and those little vitamin cough drops have Ascorbic acid = H2C6H6O6 as Vitamin C .

    Source(s): Im a way cool scientist :) Also you can find a list on MSN Encarta if you do a search on their site.
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    vineger -> CH3COOH acetic acid

    soap -> palamtic acid C15H35COONa

    floor cleaner -> dil HCl

    lemon -> citric acid

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