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Most Feared Zombie Type?

Which zombie type should be feared most?

Shamblers: Slow moving, but overwhelm you with large numbers.

Example: Night of the Living Dead

Mindless Runners: Fast running zombies found in smaller numbers.

Example: 28 Days Later

Planning Runners: Fast running zombies who can plan, but are weak to sunlight.

Example: I Am Legend


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    The most feared type should be the ones from the first Return of the Living Dead:

    * They eat brains!

    * They can come back to life at anytime no matter their stage of decay

    * They have super human strength

    * They can still talk (i.e. calling for more paramedics)

    * They have reasoning skills (i.e. using chains and levers to pry open doors)

    * Even the animals can become zombies

    * If you cut off a limb, that limb will still come after you

    * They are all but impossible to kill (i.e. gunshots to the head and/or tearing them to pieces have no effect)

    * Even if you do manage to kill one which has to be done by burning, the ash and smoke from it rises into the air which causes a rain storm of acid rain causing more of the undead to rise from the grave

    So yeah, I'd say if the world was full of those kinds of zombes, we'd all be screwed. At least in nearly every other zombie movie, they could be killed.

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    Night of the living dead they eat brains!! lol ♥

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    night of living dead ones

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    None. Zombies are dumb.

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