dying my haiirrr?

i've dyed my hair NUMEROUS times. the thing is that i've died it black over a red, then red over the black again. i wanna let my hair grow out so i can bleach it (black&red are extremely hard to strip out of the hair) but my natural color is so different from the black/red that it looks awful. i have naturally dirty "dishwater" blonde. gross. who thought of that name anyway? bleh anyways my question is this:

can i dye my hair a brown color so that it comes out easier and so my roots don't look so crappy? just until the black grows out. my initial plan was to keep dying browns lighter and lighter but i cant handle these roots!


i dont use permanent colors anyway, just the wash out ones....i cut most of my hair off so most of the dead is gone

i just really want dark brown hair now =D

eff blonde hair =) (no offense)

Update 2:

thanks for all of your help, i think i've decided against bleaching it. last night i decided i want it dark brown hahaha but thanks!

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    I've also died my hair numerousss times--from blonde to black to brown to red to black to blonde again.......... first off, (here's the mom in me), dying your hair is so horrible to your hair; it damages it so much and my hair does not grow as fast as it used to anymore (even though i wont admit it to my mom!)... when i had black and wanted to go to blonde, i was very impatient! but i did it the ''brown'' way... i let the black strip off on its own a bit, with all the sun and showers the color eventually started lightening, where i would then just dye it a brown color, then try not to do it sooner than a month or month and a half, dye it again a lighter shade of brown, then a lighter shade, then a lighter shade. If you can, try and stay away from bleaching it-- i dont know what color you are planning on next, but try to stay away from a real potent bleach (all dyes in essense have bleaching tools in it, like peroxide and ammonia or else your hair color wouldnt really change) but that pure bleach or near pure bleach which is in really light shades of blonde like platinum, etc. are just horrificcccc for your hair--the dead end... If you're like me, you're gonna dye your hair anyway, and i know how horrible those "root attacks" are... Just try not to dye your hair again and again too soon together, let your hair breathe for a bit and in the meantime do as MANY deep conditionings to your hair as possible, use a really deep conditioning treatment to your hair every few DAYS--even if it gets oily. Try to let it get stronger before you strip it down again with dye. (And try to stay away from that intense bleach!). Best of luck!

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    You wont be able to get the black out fully if you use a brown dye. You will need to use a decolourant or bleach it out, but if you've dyed your hair alot, then you will have mega damage.

    I reccomend you use a semi-permanent dark brown, it will have a nice two-tone colour to your hair. And it will get lighter with every wash anyways.

    Eventually you will be able to cut off the black.

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    You should try using products that protect your hair. If you've dyed it too many times, the dyes won't turn out as well and yes, you should dye your hair roots brown. BTW, it doesn't look that bad, I've had the same experience.

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    well... if you ask me, if you really care about your hair's health, don't really worry about it's look. It maybe looks awful until the hair grows out, but if you dye your hair over and over again, it'll for sure harm your roots and then there won't be anything to do for it.

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    whats you gona do if it makes your hair fall out ? Hmmmm get a wig .

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    Shave it off it your that worried about the colour...Do it for the luekemia foundation....if not i think that will work!

  • Kelly
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    1 decade ago

    ya that is what I would reccomend....

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