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july is the month wher the temperature peaks in okinawa.

okinawa is a beach resort where many japanese go for a peaceful break.

1.Winter is a season when_______________

2.spring s a time of year when________________

3.july is a month when__________________

4.valentine's day is a say when________________________

5.mother's day is the day when____________________

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    1. Winter is a season that sybols as Christmas and the most joyful time through the whole year.

    2. Spring is a time of year when you can enjoy and refresh yourself from the flowers and the joy of love.

    3.July is a month that people like a lot because Summer is coming and we can have a great holiday although there is a lot of homework.

    4. Valentine's Day is a say when couples celebrated together sweetly. But sometimes Valentine's Day is syboled as "Sad Day" because some people still can't find there lovers...

    5.mother's Day is a day when children celebrated for their mother for taking care about them and want t othank their mother at this time.

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    1.Winter is a season when the weather become cold and snow in some cities.

    2.Spring is a time of year when the animal come back to play and the trees change back to green.

    3.July is a month when the temperature peaks in okinawa.

    4.Valentine's day is a day when boys and girls who are pairs show their love to another.

    5.Mother's day is the day when we thank our mother's care.

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