My 6 month old started solids, now he wont drink his bottle?

My son loves eating he weighs only 16pounds. I feed him oatmeal in the morning 1 jar veggies in the afternoon and 1 jar at night , I feed him sperate from his bottle because of the refusal to drink it . Alternating his feeding and bottle helped a little bit but not a lot he drank a 4oz bottle only 4 times today. I've tried adding juice but it doesn't help.

Is this normal?

He loves his food but should I stop?

I will see his doctor March 6th but until then I always like to hear motherly advise most of the time it's what makes the most sense. :)


For mamaposs I asked for motherly advice not Bitchy advice, and just so you know I give him 2 #1 jars and 3 tblspoons of oatmeal in one entire day that is not nearly enough of his requirement for one day he should be drinking his bottle on top of that. I mixed 1 ounce of prune juice with his bottle 2 times and if you can read, I said this didn't work. So for your info I'm not shoveling food in my kids mouth and giving him bottles of apple juice.

Seriously if that's your kind of reaction to first time moms on this chat space then stay off of it. You could have explained your answer a lot nicer then what you did, you just sound mean, hateful and angry Very angry!

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    I have a daycare, and what I feed the kids is determined by the state.

    This is a meal...2 - 4 Tbsp cereal plus at least 1 Tbsp fruit or vegetable. I think we start adding meat after 7 or 8 months.

    Plus the child is supposed to get some milk or formula. I mix it all into the cereal. That way I am sure he/she is getting at least SOME formula. If you can get him to eat two scoops of formula in the cereal, that's four ounces right there.

    I used to carry around a large baby food jar, with premeasured cereal and formula already in it if I thought I would be out for lunch with my own son. That way, all I had to do was add water, and I was ready to feed him. (I didn't figure out to add the fruit/veggies to the cereal until he was past that).

    Source(s): Daycare provider and Mommy.
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    When my daughter starte dsolids she started refusing her bottle too. I did the same thing you ar doing...alternating the feedings. And it is still a struggle at 10 months to get her to drink her bottle.

    When I asked her pedi she said that she only needs 16 to 24 oz a day once she gets to 8 months. Now that your son is a little younger, i dont know if that makes a difference. But the dr did say it is normal for them to want the bottle less.

    Also I asked her if it was okay to start weaning the bottle and she said no...not until she is at least a year old.

    One thing my daughters granny recommended was trying to let her have her mlk in a sippy cup instead of a bottle and that seems to help a little too.

    Good luck and just keep trying!

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    He doesn't want his milk because you're filling him up with solids!!! At 6 months, solids should only be for exploring tastes and textures. He should have one small meal a day, starting at 1/2-1 teaspoon and gradually increasing to half a cup. Ask your health nurse or doctor how much formula he should be drinking. Only offer him solids once a day when he is drinking his recommended quota of formula. THis should provide most of his nutritional needs. The amount of solids you are feeding him now is probably appropriate for a 10 month old baby.

    Solids might be fun, but your son needs his formula!!!

    By the way, giving him juice is making the situation worse as juice fills him up with empty calories - it is just sugar that he doesn't need!

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    I don't think you should stop, he is the right age to start on solid food just make sure you are feeding him the right foods, not over feeding and watching for allergies

    The average baby needs about 50 calories per day per pound of body weight.

    Breast milk and formula provide about 20 calories per ounce.

    Therefore, for every pound of body weight, your baby requires about 2 ounces of milk.

    At 13 pounds, your baby needs about 650 calories or about 32 ounces of milk.

    Make sure that you give your baby only commercial baby juices or juice that has been pasteurized to kill any dangerous bacteria

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    It is recommend that bottles be given first and if they are still hungry following the bottle then you give the food because the formula/milk is more important than the food when they are under 12 months old.

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    None of my kids at that much baby food per day. But than i also delayed food.

    Cut back on the food .

    By the way it is breast before food. It does not apply to bottles the same way!

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    put his milk in a two handled sippy cup and give him it with his meals. You may be surprised but he might take to it since he is doing it himself. I know it sounds crazy and he is too young but it can't hurt to try.

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