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what would be the best gospel to have memorized and why?

i am going to begin a scripture study method of the new testament that is suggested by john macarthur in my bible commentary i have of his. i am going to first go over one gospel and then move on to romans and the other epistles because they contain so much theology. which gospel should i begin with and why? i was thinking john or luke. what are the main differences of the 4 gospels?>


the method is to read 7 chapters (if a big book like john) or a whole epistle (like 1st john) every day for 30 days or more along with index cards that have the main idea of each chapter. the goal is to get through the whole new testament and know what is in every chapter very well in about 3 years. this shouldnt take that much effort. i l already spend more time than that would take in the Word each day. im kind of excited and want to know where i should begin.

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    Matthew was to show that Christ is the Jewish Messiah.

    Mark was to show Jesus as the anointed Servant.

    Luke was to show Jesus' humanity.

    John was to show Jesus' divinity, and also to be used evangelistically (John 20:31).

    My personal favorite of the Gospels is John.

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    I would say John because it tells a lot about what Jesus did when He was on earth. All of the gospels tell about what Jesus did when He was doing His ministry just they are told differently by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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    The Gospel of St. John is commonly considered the most well rounded of the Gospels, and appropriate for inexperienced Bible scholars.

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    that is alot to study each day? i would probably start with john if i was looking in the gospels. as far as knowing them real good, usually when you study in depth you will find more questions than answers. john is alot about love that is one reason to study it. pay particular attention to john 3:17. it seems that most of us christians have a hard time with that verse, as far as living it.

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    They were written for different groups of people (see link). Start with Luke, because John's writing is harder to understand.

    Matthew has also some powerful parables that I reflect on often.

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    It's all nonsense, so why waste your time?

    Ever thought of getting back in school and getting a good education? It wouldn't hurt.


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    rub a dub dub thx for the grub.

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