Tim Horton's, come to America!?

To all Canadians out there, as an American Tourist, I recently just came back from Vancouver, back to my home in the States, wishing for something. A Tim Hortons. They would be so big in America, because they are good. In America, there is a commercial donut shop called Krispe Kremes, and I know that these Tim Hortons donunts are better. This is a company to invest in, because they are good, successful and because they don't just offer sweet, but also sandwitches that are great. I don't know how good the coffe is, but even Starbucks would be in Trouble. I discovered Tim Hortons near the Hyatt hotel in Vancouver, on a trip with the American Choral Directors Assosciation Northwestern Divison, I was in the Choir. Anyway, If a Tim Hortons member is reading this, please tell your superior that it is time to expand, expand to America. Why? Because you'd be a hit, just like in Canada. The ACDA loves Tim Hortons.


I didn't know that they're in Michigan. I should have stated that I'm from Washington State.

Update 2:

Wendy's, really. That's interesting.

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    There are Tim Hortons in Michigan, New York, West Virginia, Maine, Ohio, Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

    I'm pretty sure they are looking to expand in the States, however they need to have the market to do so. In time it will come :)

    Source(s): http://www.timhortons.com/en/index.html (I work at one in Ontario...have for the last 10 years, off and on)
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    Did you know that Tim Horton's is owned by the same corporation that owns Wendy's Hamburgers?

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    Tim Horton's have ALREADY come to America! At least they've come to Michigan, where I live. We have one about 2 miles from my home. They have the BEST food!!!!

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    I live in Ohio & we have a Tim Hortons here, I can drive to it in

    15 min. I agree, they are good.

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