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Need for speed!!!!? im debating..should i get need for speed most wanted or pro street?

tell me the pros and cons, the description and why its better

Cops or no cops?


Sorry, i forgot, or carbon?

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    Pro Street is more about track days, so no free roam. Just laps around circuits and it seems to be more orientated towards people who are into street racing but not the realism of games such as Forza or Gran Turismo. On the upside, you do get a feel as though you're more in control of your car, and there's loads of extras to keep you playing. Plus, there's no cops around, so no annoyingly difficult chases that go on for hours and you still end up getting caught.

    Most Wanted is the best of all the NFS games, in my opinion. With it, you get exactly what Need For Speed is about - street racing. Think of it as Underground / U2 but better, as a sequel should be. The main upshots are you can have fun trying to reach top speeds of different rides and how they handle in free roam if you get bored, which in turn makes your races easier, as you get used to your ride and its limits, and outrunning the cops time and time again. The downside is, obviously, less realism.

    It depends which kind of racing you like. Circuits/tracks, or proper street racing. I'd go for Most Wanted, as if you're looking for a realistic racing game, Gran Turismo or Forza/Project Gotham Racing are the ones to go for.

    PS: Avoid Carbon at all costs

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    well i have all 3 ha ha need for speed carbon is lame and just plain sucks and is way to easy so don't even consider it, most wanted is fun and the i think the best of their street racing series the cops are more challenging in most wanted then in carbon and there are more of them, which makes it fun. then you have pro street, which is completely different you will either love it or hate it, i didn't like it at first but soon became addicted lol, its not on the streets, there are no cops, its all on racing tracks, you still have your drag, drift, grip (just a normal race but has other variations but in the end its just a race) and speed trap (they add up ur speeds through points in the race, the idea being to have the highest total top speed). It is also is more realistic but far from gran turismo. But some people absolutely hated the game because It was to different from the other two, you should rent them first before blowing your money on it which i have done in the past lol.

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    Pro Street - Has a lot of tracks and has legal racing events, and more and better cars. There are no cops but there are elite and showdown kings who are fun and a bit challenging to race. In my opinion this is the best game

    Carbon - Everyone seems to hate it but i most certainly don't. its fun challenging and has a great story line to it. It also has a lot of cool cars that you can entirely customize your self. In my opinion this is the second best game.

    Most Wanted - I thought this game was horrible! it doesn't let you customize the car by your self. it gives you body kits and stuff you HAVE to use, unlike in Pro Street and Carbon you can autosculpt parts. And after a while of the game you cant move 2 inches with out cops chasing you which gets annoying after a while and you forced into pursuits that are sometimes an hour long.

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    most wanted ok, carbon dumb, pro street is the bomb u get the real feel for the the car an its fun.

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