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Do you agree or disagree: Many citizens are not well informed of national and international issues and affairs

Please explain reasoning with specific examples

Thank you

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    I would agree that MOST citizens are not well informed of national and international issues and affairs.

    Most just 'parrot' what they hear or have been told, and never do their own research on any subject.

    Most do not realize the ramifications of their support for the issues.

    They may support 'universal health care' but have no idea how the nationalization of 15% of the economy will effect other aspects of the economy.

    They may support complete troop withdraw from Iraq but cannot comprehend the effect that that action will have on the stability of that region and what effect that instability will have on the worlds energy resources which in turn will affect the national economy and in turn affect the 'universal health care' that they support.

    Most do not understand that all of the issues, both foreign and domestic, have some effect on the others.

    Most cannot name their state representatives, the very people that represent them.

    Most do not understand that the President does not have as much influence on domestic affairs as international affairs.

    Most look for 'instant gratification' and cannot see the ramification of their choices twenty, thirty years from now.

    Most have lost or never have had the critical thinking ability to make informed decisions.

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    Our "news" outlets have just become propaganda pushers.

    Most people I talk to can't give me their opinion or suggest what future outcomes may be on current affairs. They just REGURGITATE what they hear on the nightly news.

    Kinda hard to understand a complex subject like The Middle East, The US Economy, or Immigration Issues when all you get is a 90 second biased "education" on the issue. Add to that opinions stated as fact from your friends and co-workers and it's no wonder the American public seems so clueless and easily led.


    Look out! The terrorists are coming! Lock your doors the Mexican hoardes are coming! The Russians, The Iranians, The North Koreans, The Chinese, blah, blah, blah....

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    Agree, most people have one news source and get all of the information from their. For example, most people have never heard of the Czech Russian conflict, or the plight of people seeking independence in China, because the American media doesn't cover it. They choose to cover other things, specifically genocide in Africa, so everybody is well versed in African issues, because Africa is not a threat to America, but compeltely ignorant when it comes to issues of people fighting for indpendence on the outskirts of Russia or China.

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    Yes, I agree. It would take to long to explain or give examples, but if you know whether Britney Spears is in or out of rehab this week, you're part of the problem.

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    most people are tooooo lazy to be interested in whats going on

    they will look at the news just to have something to talk about at work

    most americans eyes are glued shut

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    Agree. Just look at all the questions and answers in here.

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    yeah people in this country are pretty stupid.

    they don't read

    they would rather eat a piece of chocolate cake and get fat than entertain a real thought.

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    its called propaganda

    it seems the media has a positive spin on america

    keeping the people out of touch with reality

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