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Strange cat behavior, he was neutered today help!?

I took my baby to get neutered today, I have 3 older cats who were neutered at his age, after i went to pick him up i noticed that he was really wild in the box. He was attacking the box and dizzy like he was an angry drunk cat. It is really odd because my other cats were very sleepy and calm and my baby cat is going nuts! I took him out of his carrier and he started running around like crazy meowing i figured he would get sleepy soon so i made him a bed in the bathroom [Since he kept bumping into furniture] I left him food and water and an hour later i hear him going crazy inside the bathroom... he is clawing at the door, jumping on top of the toilet and jumping to the door and smaking himself. I was horrified and i opend the door and i saw a little patch of hair on the floor, turns out he somehow hurt himself and now he has a gash on his forehead. I'm really scared i don't know what to do or what is wrong with my baby. I can't keep him outside the bathroom he will hurt himself!


What am i suppose to do please help me. I tried calling the hotlines but nobody is picking up and if i leave a message i'll get a response late tomorrow!!

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    Please put him back in the carrier until his anesthesia wears off. He will be much less likely to hurt himself. It does sound like he's had an unusual reaction to the anesthesia, but anesthesia does sometimes cause more severe reactions, and some cats clear it more slowly. If he's not lots better by tomorrow morning, he needs to go back to the vet.

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    I had a female cat who did this same thing. It was very scary, it was like she was angry at the world. But don't worry, it is just a different reaction from the drugs, but it will wear off and he should be fine within 24 hours. Meanwhile, keep him away from the other kitties, you don't want them to mistake his anger as a threat. If you have a crate, or a box, put him in it, and let him sleep it off. And he really shouldn't have any food until the drugs leave his system, as that could just make him vomit. Allow him a small amount of water, and make sure his box is warm. Best of Luck!

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    I would call the vet but to put you at ease, my cat did the same thing. My cat was crazy after I picked her up at the doctor. I called in sick for work because I didn't want to leave her alone for a couple hours until my fiance got home. She was running all over the house, running into walls, kind of acting like a hyperactive drunk, she was much better the next day though. I bet some cats act different then others from the medication. I was just worried that her stitches were going to come undone, but they didn't.

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    I suspect by morning things will be considerably calmer. He might need some follow up for his injury. I suspect he was under the influence of the anesthesia a bit more than usual for a neutered cat. You might want to consider confining him to his carrier unless he puts up too much of a struggle inside his carrier. I imagine he will tire himself out fairly quickly.

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    He is having a bad reacation to the anesthia. Call the vets after hours number and let them know, maybe there is something they can prescribe to calm him down. Please note it can take a few days to get over the effects of anesthia. Keep him away from the other cats. Keep an eye on him.

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    It is gonna be ok. Put ur baby back in the kennel until this wears off. They sent the cat home too soon.

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    He may be reacting poorly to one the anesthetics used for his procedure. You should at least be able to reach one the vets from your clinic or an emergency vet for advice. In the meantime keep it dark and quiet in his room and keep him confined. Don't try to handle him as he is obviously not himself and could hurt you.

    Be sure to mention this to his usual vet in the morning as well so they can note it in his record for future sedation if needed.

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    Keep in cage until it wears off, just the drugs that they gave him. It will wear off. Mine did this too. Think they are using different drugs or just sending them home too soon. Well keep in bathroom, wouldnt feed until it wears off. Should only be a couple of hours.

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    He is most likely very surprised. possibly scared. try putting a treat out and while he eats it he may mellow down, like turkey or milk or something. try to catch him and hold him in a towel until he calmns down, i would like to hear what happens, so e-mail me or something.

    good luck- rachel

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    That sounds normal.

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