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i feel sad, lonely, and worthless?

i feel depressed. im not sure why. i feel like i have to cry, but i just cant!

i feel like my life has no meaning and is pointless. like i have a boring life, and i don't do much in this world. i dont like sports, and im shy, and i dont hang out with friends after school, just at school. and my dad just yelled at me for nothing.

but still, i feel really sad =[

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    Be sad and don't judge it. This way you can move through it. Start to formulate what you really want in your life. Spend time thinking about what it would feel like. Write a list of all the things that you'd like in your life, how you want to feel, what kinds of things you'd like to do with your time, what kind of friends you want and then burn it (let it go) and you'll probably find that some of those things will start to happen your life.

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    Either you're a confused teenager (confused/fustrated about your place in the world, society, etc... (very normal)), or you have clinical depression (depressed 100% of the time, suicidal thoughts...).

    Either way I recommend visiting a health store and buying a bottle of multivitamins that contain evening primrose oil (just ask someone at the store for assistance). This should help brighten your mood, focus clearer at school, make you more active during the day (less tired)...

    If after about a week you still feel the same, then you should probably seek some professional counselling.

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    I know exactly how trapped you feel. Like it won't go away. The best thing you can possibly do is find some (more than one) interests and devote your free time to them. Whatever you do, don't just sit around and think about it all the time. You'll go mad.

    Join a chess club, or sign up for a yoga class, or go to the library. Call an old friend and see a movie. You have to do things each day to keep these thoughts out of mind.

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    Maybe you are feeling unloved or your self-worth needs a lift. When I feel this way, I try to see my self as a good and worthwhile person. Just because I am different does not mean I am not worthwhile. The things that you see happening to you does not reflect on your worth. Keep your head up and take another look at who you are and you will find a good person and this is the beginning of feeling worth-while. Everyone has the same feelings but they have learned how to overcome them.

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    find others (in your school) who maybe r like you that is kinda what i did, find everything u can that is happy whether its the one time you laughed in the day concentrate on that and know your life may not be all that bad you have to realize yah my life sucks but there is nowhere but up, and finding people like you may be tough but when you find them i'm sure you'll be the best of friends and they'll make your life worth living.

    there is a point to everyones life you just have to find it. have finding the point your goal to happiness, know everyday your one step closer

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    I'm sorry your dad yelled at you. I don't believe adults should yell at their kids or teenagers, all it does is make themselves look bad and doesn't help anything. (I am an adult btw.) Maybe he is somewhat childish himself and doesn't know how to talk to kids/teens so yelling is what he does. I don't know. But I just want to say, parents shouldn't do that.

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    I feel this way usually all the time. i do stuff to keep my mind off the things that make me feel that way, like listen to music,(like Nickelback or Caramelldancen)

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    join the club. no realy we got a mini bar.

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