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PLR Web Designs?

Can any one tell me how they would make money with a site that offers plr web designs?

If so, then do you think this website would be beneficial?

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    The easiest way to make money on-line is to be someone’s affiliate (selling other people’s products). You need to search which product to sell.

    As an affiliate marketer you need 3 things in a program to maximize your income:

    1) A product that people actually NEED.

    2) A product that pays GENEROUS commissions.

    3) A product that pays you residual monthly income so you can make a sale one time and get paid FOREVER.

    There are many legitimate online businesses with ZERO capital.

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    Using PLR is all about leverage. You use someone elses talent so you do not have to make the website yourself. But in the end it still depends on your abilty to sell it.

    Do you have a customerbase? Do you have an "edge"? Or are you starting at the bottom and need to build all up?

    Questions you need to anwer yourself before thinking about using PLR.

    You asked if THIS website would be beneficial...well they ask $137 for 10 websites they claim never to sell again but I can't help to wonder how much PLR they are...they look vaqualy familiar and are imo not that impressive. My honest opnion is that it's overpriced.

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