Which type of investment is best?

collectibles, stocks and bonds, or savings accounts:} Which is best investment in regards to risk vs. rewards ??

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    the STOCK MARKET is really one good source of making money. but there is really a DEFLATION worldwide so better invest only a smally amt. to roll over with. well, another best way is save and invest in a reputable INSURANCE COMPANY- they offer not only "guaranteed dividends" at a certain maturity period let say after 10 yrs or so but the policy holder is insured as well. But what's another exciting deal about insurance co.? your money is actually TAX FREE! everybody hates too much taxes right? and the another best way is to invest and save in MUTUAL FUNDS / COOPERATIVE BANKS OR CAPITAL SHARING INSTITUTIONS or the like - but try to screen those who are accredited by the local government and CENTRAL BANK. they also give higher interest rate per annum and give other benefits like dividends, personal or business loans at a very minimal interest rate normally 1% per month. and NO TAXES is being collected. ISN'T IT GREAT? and by the way once you're a member you are a CO-OWNER/ STOCKHOLDER of this bank. I actually DO NOT DISCOURAGE individuals to save/invest in COMMERCIAL BANKS since they give only very low interest rates and HIGH TAXES! commercial banks offers also some great deals, since technically we are already an E-COMMERCE, accredited atm cards can be use in paying our bills, no need to bring cash when shopping, they also offer CREDITED CARDS (be sure to use it wisely and emergency purposes only), house and car loans. BUT i suggest that there are other OPTIONS where u can actually make you're money grow safely!! I ADVICE EVERYBODY TO BE AWARE AND PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN A NETWORKING SCHEME! Don't let yourself ATTRACTED with their flowery promises of a fast and high amount of interest. BEWARE PLEASE!! These people are all over the world and do the same plot. DO NOT BE A VICTIM! in case you are interested of any advice please email me (trishaenriquez@yahoo.ca) If you are actually from the PHILIPPINES i can actually give and share with you CREDIBLE AND HIGHLY REPUTABLE CO. I almost forgot, it is also good to invest in REALTY.

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    stocks and bonds, but you have to diversify and have a long time frame. For the short term a savings account would be the best of those listed.

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    A diversified mutual fund or some composite of stocks. The Motley Fool is a great source. www.fool.com The link below are there base strategies.

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    i would like to give a rating answer on the basis of risk and reward...

    *****real estates


    ***bond & debenture

    ** stocks

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