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how to get magic flute thing on pokemon blue?

where do i get the thing to wake up snorlax off the road plzz helP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much

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  • 1 decade ago
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    POKEMON TOWER (lavendar town) here is where you fight gary 3 new pkmn 2 get gastly,haunter, & cubone at the end of the tower you'll fight a mother marowak kill her 2 get up to the last floor fight 3 rocket members 2 free mr fuji.he'll give you the poke flute in return go back 2 saffron city now that the gates are open.glad 2 help :)

    Source(s): GAMEFAQS.COM- where it says PLATFORMS hit all SYSTEMS then scan down 2 the letter G click GAMEBOY then pick # 3 pokemon blue & pick the 1st walkthough i don't have pkmn blue anymore
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