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what does: "casse toi pauvre con" mean in english?

so like, sarkozy said it apparently... and i guess its pretty bad since their is a huge fuss about it


this is the video of him saying it, from what i can make out someone says "dont touch me" then sarkozy replies with casse toi pauvre con

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    First of all, i hope the admins will let the slang go through the filters... it's required to answer hat question.

    "con" is most likely one of the trikiest words to translate from French in any other language.

    Instead of trying to do such a thing about what has been said, let me just give you a few examples of how wide the implicit sense can change depending on the sentence, the adjectives used and the situation.

    A "con" is literraly an "asshole". Now is the words does translate as "vagina" in slang, it's hardly ever intended to mean this. "con" is a concept by itself... it's just exists as it is, there's no real French synonym for the word.

    A "jeune con" is a young fool. Someone that's young of age and has not lived enough years yet to have had life educating him.

    A "petit con" is more like a "little moron". It can be a kid that keeps messins around. One will mostly use that expression when already quite pissed off. If used to refer at someone older than a young kid, it can also mean that one person considers another to be a "petit con" because that last one acted quite stupidly in reference to his age, causing trouble.

    A "gros con" is the classical insult. When you treat someone on being a "gros con" it just means you consider he's a plain moron, that he lacks any kind of delicacy, politeness, education, brains... The word "gros" ("fat") just adds to the expression implying that the person is coarse and rude.

    A "sale con". Well, if usually the word "con" implies the person is a bit stupid (or just acted stupid), in this expression there's no reference to any brains. A "sale con" translates better in an "evil bastard". A "sale con" is someone who acted or talked in such a way that other people got harmed for no good reason.

    One would say that of someone that's been acting despicably. It's one of the worst qualifications one can put on someone else as it's not a conjonctural instul, it implies a real flaw in the personnae.

    A "vieux con" is an "old fart". Most of the times it's a gently used expression that means no real harm. Of course you won't say it to the face of the elder you refer to.

    Still, sometimes this can imply more than just gentleness and mean that the personn aimed it might be either a bit senile or living in the past and hanging in there despite everything.

    A "pauvre con"... that one expression i finally have to treat :)

    It's an extremely conjonctural expression. Depending on the atmosphere, the context and everything it can range from a buddy joke to a raw insult.

    I won't translate it as it's quite hard to find the words, but when used by Sarkozy it just meant to show all the disrespect he had for that person in front of him that tried to insult him. "Pauvre con" refered there at some (supposed) incapacity of that man to use his brains correctly to come up with a better judgment.

    basically, if that man hates the President, why would he stand there? He'd better spend his time someplace else than in the cheering crowd.

    Now, quite often one can use the word "con" in a gentle and friendly way. To treat your friend a "con", "pauvre con", "gros con" usually means the sam kind of thing as slap on the cheeks. Just being buddies.

    I'll call my best friend "cons" from time to time in the discussion just as one would say in the US something like "dude, you' re a dick" in the best possible way :)

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    Casse toi could be translated as - scram or get lost, and pauvre con would be idiot or jerk. It sounds much more piquant in French though so rough translations don't do justice to what he said. It's really street language and not something dignified that you would expect from the head of state of a major power.

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    what does: "casse toi pauvre con" mean in english?

    so like, sarkozy said it apparently... and i guess its pretty bad since their is a huge fuss about it

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    "casse toi pauvre con" directly like this it mean go way stupid asshol or get out from here stupide asshol; It depend of the situation, on this situation, Sir presidente was little bit agaced to someone refuse and give him a answer it didn't like.

    But at the end some time you can say to someone you like " tu es con de réagir ainsi" it's mean you are not intelligente to have this reaction.

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    All good translations above. Note however: c-u-n-t does not translate con, although both words originally meant the same thing; i.e. little bunny, metaphor for a vagina. C-u-n-t has retained both the sense of vagina and has also become the grossest insult in the English language. Con on the other hand, has completely lost the meaning connection to vagina and is virtually never used in that sense, but has acquired all the meanings discussed above and relative to the adjective accompanying it: i.e. gros con, petit con, sale con etc. Pauvre con is the equivalent of the American word: loser. In this context Sarkozy' casse-toi pauvre con might be: get lost, loser, in US English, and Piss off, you sod in British English.

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    "casse toi pauvre con" means "go away stupid bastard" which is of course quite bad, especially from a President who is supposed to represent the whole country...

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    "Casse toi" would be piss off, get lost.

    Those who translated it as **** off are slightly wrong ; casse toi is not as offensive (we do have, in french, tons of ways to say **** off)

    direct translation of "pauvre con" is "poor ****" ; obviously not to be taken in that meaning (**** is way too rude in english compared to the register of language that "con" belongs to). Jerk, or a**hole give the right sense of what is meant there. You can add any adjective, for example the very british "bloody", the very american "f***ing", although a bit strong, or simply a "you"

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    Something like "bugger off, you poor idiot". Come on, how come somebody say she's French and not know the meaning of "casse toi" and "con"? Anybody knows that... Does she live in some sort of far away monastery?

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    You can translate by :

    - Piss off, you jerk

    - Get lost, idiot

    In this video French president Nicolas Sarkozy was shaking hands. A guy refused to shake his hand and said : No, you will make me dirty.

    Sarkozy then told him : Casse toi, pauvre con

    May be it was not really smart, but at first was it really smart from the guy to refuse to shake hands ?

    @Sarah : come're French and you don't know the word "con"?..and the expression "casse toi" .where are you from ??where do you live ? every French knows I assume you're not French! lol

    @madamL : hey you know what?...may be he is president, but he is a man first! if someone tell you : don't touch me, you'll make me would you feel ? would you keep your self control ??...I doubt it

    @ceronana : are you sure you're trilingual ??...your translation is not acurate ( I agree with Michel-m )

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