Serious TB question..?

My brother is held in county jail right now and yesterday he got a new room mate. They give everyone a TB test when you first get there but last night they came into my brothers room and took his room mate out because his test came back positive. I don't know much about TB, does anyone know how harmful this situation would be to my brother or what the chances are of him getting it too. Thanks.

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    TB tests are called PPD. A positive PPD can be a result to exposure to TB or other disease. People who grow up in a farm can contract certain diseases or be exposed to certain crops that makes them get a positive PPD reading without ever being exposed to TB in their life. A chest x-ray should be performed as the second step in TB and the third test would be a sputum culture and sensitivity test to confirm that person has TB.

    So a positive PPD doesn't mean anything.

    But let's say that person has TB your brother will need another TB skin test. If he gets positive, then a chest x-ray and sputum sample. Most people with TB won't have any effects unless they contract other serious dieases like HIV or cancer. TB goes mainly into the lungs and our white blood cells will block off the TB bacteria and seal them. And in a chest x-ray we see those sealed off TB bacterias as little black spots in the lungs called granulomas. In a healthly individual with TB they're just benign granulomas because our healthy immune system blocks it off and it's sealed away forever and doesn't affect us. Unless you get a disease that messes with your immune system like HIV/AIDS which will destroy your immune system and if you have TB previously it'll take advantage of the weakened immune system and break off from the granuloma and start to replicate to destory our body.

    So unless your brother can go through all these hoops he's fine and out of harms way.

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    Your brother will probably need a follow up ppd (test that checks for tb) in a month or so. If his ppd comes back positive he will have an xray to verify that he does not have active tb and they will probably put him INH for 6 months.

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    The TB test determines if you were exposed to the disease- it does not necessarily mean that you have the active disease. Hopefully the medical staff at the institution will follow up and check to make sure your brother's test is not positive and he was not exposed.

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    Previous answer is correct. He should be given a repeat skin test & xray in 3-6 months. Such limited contact probably is not a real threat, but safety first.

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