Can world governments provide inexpensive electric cars to help prevent global warming ?

we all want to switch to a form of transport that is clean and non polluting and yet isnt the answer to produce something that all can afford to switch to besides a bicycle I would switch my car tommorrow if I could afford to wouldnt you ?


please note this has already happened in one country. Cars for about £1000-£2000 government funded

Update 2:

Please note I am not saying that I want governments to buy them for us just make sure that electric or energy saving cars are available to people that havent got £12,000 plus to spend on them . this has already happened in one third world country so why not extend that and produce a basic car that all can afford to buy even £4000 would be more in a persons range as at the moment only the minority can think about getting them

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    Well it's not the government's job to develop new technologies, but they can help fund it's development and provide subsidies to make them cheaper for people to buy.

    Several private companies will be coming out with good electric cars soon.

    Available in California in October 2008, the Aptera typ-1e will cost about $27,000 with a top speed of 95 mph and range of 120 miles per charge.

    Soon thereafter Aptera will introduce the typ-1h, a plug-in hybrid version of the typ-1e with a 40-60 mile range on purely electrical energy, and a range of over 600 miles total when in electric/gas hybrid mode, for around $30,000. On a 120 mile trip, the typ-1h will get 300 miles per gallon. The shorter the trip, the higher the efficiency.

    Available in 2009, the ZAP Alias will cost $30,000, have a top speed of 100 mph, and a range of 100 miles per charge.

    Soon thereafter the ZAP-X will be available at a cost of $60,000 with a top speed of 155 mph and a range of 350 miles per charge.

    Available in 2009, the Miles Javlon will cost $30,000 with a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 120 miles per charge.

    Phoenix Motorcars will start selling their SUT to individuals in 2009. It will cost $45,000 and have a top speed of 100 mph with a range of 100+ miles per charge.

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    Why, sure they could... it should be a top priority, yessirree Bob ... Who cares what it costs we'll just tax all the rich people, right?

    Let's see ... looks like one of the other Answerers says we can get an electric car for $27,000 each ... one for each person on the planet ... ballpark figure ... not counting kids ... say, just 5 billion people... hmmm ... carry the 3 ... need some zeroes ...

    $135,000,000,000,000 .... hmmmm

    That's a lot .... You wanna go and think a little bit harder? It might save a lot of time ... While you're at it you might want to do some math on what Obama and Clinton's socialized medical programs will cost.

    It is real easy to think of the "government" can buy us anything ... but the "government" has to take our money to do it.

    Let's repeat that. ... the "government" has to take our money to do it.

    Yes, Virginia, the government's only source of funds is our pockets. Try to remember that.

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    Ya I see your point, there are some really nice hybrid cars out there, but they are expensive. Because energy efficient cars are new, they are also expensive. If these cars were cheaper, I think more people would buy them. But I don't think the government would be able to make cars much cheaper. Maybe just a bit, but a car is a car.

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    We are not causing global warming so there is no need for this.

    The planet has cooled & warmed in the past and will continue in the future. I think this should be quite clear by now.

    The mother nature & history deniers trying to promote their global warming theory were trying to promote global cooling just a couple decades ago. They have no credibility. This is part of larger political agenda to control peoples lives by causing a crisis.

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    How is electricity produced? Oh yea, they burn coal, which has carbon emissions. How's that going to help? Maybe you should invent a solar car. That would do it. Of course, that won't change natural climate changes, but it might make you feel better.

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    Even better, electric trains that could do public transit even in rural areas where roads cannot travel. Local transit vans or buses could transport to the station areas and then you could route out and not worry about high expenses of parking and insurance.

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    Why should the government provide cars at all? Where would the money come from?

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    where would we get the electricity for the cars? By burning trash and coal?

    Until we switch to alternative power plants, electric cars are pointless.

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    No. World governments cannot just say 'alakazam' and make new technologies appear. They have to be developed first. Your best bet would be to research, design, and build your own if you want it now. Look up 'ev gray' on the Internet. It CAN be done, but gov'ts don't want them because it would mean losing power over people.

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    well it would be cool to have something like that but if you have to drive more than 160 miles in a day, then your screwed... How is someone supposed to go on a vacation.. or a road trip if you have to stop your car and charge it overnight every 160 miles or whatever the range for a typical electric car is.

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