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Do u think soccer is a sissy sport?

whenever i watch soccer on tv, all i see is stupid preppy guys running around complaining about every call and faking injuries. this makes me think soccer is a sissy sport. do u agree?

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    Of course it is. Soccer is just a sport which to be good at all you have to be able to do is run and act like you've been foul.

  • i dont' thiknk soccer is a sissy sport. if u play it, ud know what i mean.

    in soccer, the ref's can be really blind.(been there, done that) thats not the player's fault. in my league only the capitans can complain to the ref. in our town. the tough guys play soccer, not the preppy guys!

    faking injuries is really hard 2 do, in tv it might look minor, but sometimes its really serious.

    sometimes they fakes injuries to get a penalty kick or a drop ball. and its not against the rules to fake an injury, some coaches even encourage it.

    its not a sissy sport in my eyes, but people are intilted to their opinions.

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    hellz no soccer is not a sissy sport. i play soccer and have been since i was 4. It is a lot of work and you have to be in good shape and have a lot of ball control. It can be dangerous because of the aggression but that comes with most sports. I think guy soccer players are totally hot.

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    but you sure brag and nag like a sissy Pregnant Woman.

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    i think people should have their own opinion. but in my opinion it is not a sissy sport. i love soccer and personally, i can't stop playing it. it is a good way to get in shape, especially if you play a whole game.

    City Cup!!!!!!!!

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    Absolutely not. Here in England, football as we call it, has always been traditionally a tough working-class sport. I mean, just look at some of the injuries that can occur in football and tell me that's a sissy Sport.

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    Not necessarily, but definitely not the manliest sport either, imho...

    ...definitely not a sport we've made our own yet, either, and quite frankly, I wish we'd stop emulating everyone else and play like MEN!!! and I mean AMERICAN MEN!!!

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    not really. its just full of pricks. yesterday's eduardo injury proved how serious some injuries can be. + id say its without a doubt one of the most skillful sports.

    american football. now thats a sissy's sport. yeh lets wear ten tonnes of armour coz we're puffs who can't take falls. any america football team would get pwned by any rugby team. not to mention it doesnt take skill to just run around throwing a ball to each other, just stamina maybe.

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    heck no ur just watched a part of it. if u watched the whole game u would see that soccer is very phisical.

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    i dont really like soccer its fun to play but when i try to watch it on tv it puts me to sleep

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