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Have John’s, “cheating” and Cindy McCain’s, “drug addicted” past gotten a free Media pass?

With the exception of the past story, the media has been completely silent about John McCain’s past cheating and Cindy McCain's past drug addiction.

John McCain cheated on his first wife who had been crippled in a car accident.

John McCain cheated multiple times before cheating on his first wife with a young 25 year old Cindy McCain.

After brutally kicking his older crippled first wife to the curb, at 43 years old John McCain married a 25 year old Cindy McCain.

As for Cindy McCain she later stole drugs from a charity she ran and became addicted to drugs. Her families’ money kept her out of jail.



Nothing has been off limits to Y/A republicans except

for the republicans (Mccain )who has a sleazy past

Update 2:

Dani: Low Move....

You mean like all the Y/A post on the blue dress or all the Y/A lies and nonsense on race and fake


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    As always the amazing part is if this was a democrat it would be all over the news and why we cannot vote for them.

    Republicans can do anything they want. Look at coked and boozed up W and his wife who killed someone in a hit and run.

    Different law for the political insiders, as always.

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    Nothing personal, but whenever the media runs your way you think anything in print is OK. When they print negative stories about your man (woman) they are being untruthful. Please note what the times is saying now. Many democrats came to the aid of McCaine on this one. I believe a retraction will be in order soon. On Obama's usage I feel the same. Let us talk on the issues and stop packing slime. Please note that every time Hillary has tried to slime Obama she has lost votes. Bill had to be reminded to cool it. Do you see the pattern here?

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    I agree the press is just begining to vet htis guy. So will the straight talk express tell us the truth about all the lobbyist $ he gets. Why is he flip flopping out of the public funding limits for his campaign. After he used the public funding as collateral for a loan to his he want to opt out?

    Isn't that against the law

    I am less concerned with the bimbo angle...we've known for years the man can't keep his pants on. Seems to be Republican thing.

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    I'm still wondering why the Larry Sinclair incident has not been reported by the New York Times, even though Obama's limo ride was reported on most other channels.

    Rush Limbaugh hates John McCain, but said that the press had no basis in anything they said about McCain's past.

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    Even though I'm a Democrat I ha ve to show my embarassment in having someonw like you make such a low move.

    Everyone knows those stories are true but #1 you can't jusge a candidate on their personal life but on their political life. Does it mean that Clinton wasnt a good president because he too cheated on his wofe?

    #2 the reason I don't like McCain is because I feel that instead of making himself look good by talking about his acomplishements, he does exactly what you just did, talk S... on others.

    You are an embarassment to our party

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    You mean the same way they have given Obama his free pass? Didn't he do drugs? There is some u-tube thingy also...

    All that news about the McCains is 30 yrs old...meaningless right now.

    EDIT:And BTW it's NOT against the law to opt out of public funding. McCain has not accepted a dime of it.

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    Wait a minute! I thought the talk of old drug use was off limits? Oh only if you are black, right? It's expected of you if you are black and you should not be held accountable, right?

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    I think we have to create a youTube video, because that is all these people believe.

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    No. He obviously has not had a "free media pass." Have you watched the news lately? If anything, he has been shafted by the media.

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    Nope but Obama's magic limo ride has

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