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Chemistry Question: VSEPR model?

So I've been stuck on this problem (with multiple parts of course) for a long time, and I can't figure them out. I would greatly appreciate any help with any of the questions, thanks!

2 Pairs L = Linear

3 Pairs TPL = Trigonal Planar

B = Bent

4 Pairs TET = Tetrahedral

TPY = Trigonal Pyramidal

B = Bent

5 Pairs TBP = Trigonal Bipyramidal

S = See-saw

T = T-shaped

L = Linear

6 Pairs O = Octahedral

SPY = Square Pyramidal

SQP = Square Planar

1) What is the label from the table above for the arrangement of both bonding and nonbonding electron domains around the central atom in PF4- predicted by the VSEPR/ED theory?

If it helps the number of lone pair electrons is 1.

2)What is the label from the table above for the actual structure of PF4- predicted by the VSEPR/ED theory?

3)According to valence bond theory, what hybridization of atomic orbitals on the central P atom in PF4- is necessary to accommodate the shape of PF4-?

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    1 the matter is linear 3 degree to the power of six.

    2) the label is 6 point 2 grams of lethol mechnisims are in the atmosphere

    3) the theory is do your own homework

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